Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Linda's quilts.......................

Good morning on what looks set to be a lovely sunny day. Having a blog and being a professional quilter is a constant game of catch up! A bit like keeping up with the washing when you have four kids..........only far more enticing and exciting! I do wonder if it's worth my time to keep this blog going as Facebook & Instagram are more & more taking the lead for the quick visual fixes in our busy days. However I do find it a great place to direct new customers to browse my work.
So without much more talk here is the first of Linda's floral creations in all their splendor.

Linda asked for custom quilting but to leave the crazy patch & machine embroidered rows as Linda wanted to do some hand quilting, other than those instructions she left it to me.

And the red ribbon goes to.............me for remembering a photo or two of the back!

Next for Linda is another pretty floral creation.

Linda asked for an all over meander for this quilt.

When Linda posted me her quilt tops she also sent a vintage sheet for each quilt and asked for cotton batting for both quilts. I'm sure if you keep an eye out over at Linda's blog she will share both quilts with binding on at some point. Thanks again Linda, it's always a pleasure to quilt for you.

On Sunday I popped down to see the Auckland Festival of Quilts, strangely enough it's held in Auckland! I had entered my Mystery Medallion Quilt, no prizes for me. Although I had hoped it would have sold......now I need to find somewhere to put it?

Two of my lovely customers entered their quilts. Margo won a merit for her quilt in the 'Large quilts multiple makers'.

Margo's Japanese Inspired Quilt

Esther's Mystery Medallion



  1. That first quilt of Linda's would have left me scratching my head. You mastered it!
    I can't really see thew quilting you did on Margo's quilt, but Esther's looks to me like it deserves an award of some kind! Beautiful job!

  2. Two more beautiful quilts and quilting. I would like to see your blog continue as I love reading it and seeing what you have been doing. Bery specialto see quilts you have worked on in the exhibition.

  3. Swirls and twirls in the green, stunning, and then Margo's and Esther's quilts, beautiful design and fabric choices. Please keep on blogging, I so enjoy seeing your latest challenges and how you have quilted some special way. I know it all takes time, I do a post less and less now, but all the blogs I read and comment on are a huge part of my life now.

  4. Some gorgeous fabrics in that first quilt Leeanne. All beautiful. I hope you don't give up blogging ... I know lots are going over to Instagram but I definately think there's still room for blogging in this world :-)

  5. Beautiful quilts one and all. The row by row one would have been tricky....lovely job you did xx

  6. Don't give up blogging, our backwards and forwards comments are what keep the email conversations going. Lovely quilting on two lovely quilts.

  7. I'm another who hopes you carry on with your blog!! I think blogging is much more personal than Instagram, don't know about Facebook as I haven't gone there - I wouldn't have time, but I do love reading blog posts from my internet pals - so please stay around and carry on showing us your beautiful quilting - please!

  8. Gorgeous quilts. Love the swirls and leaf design you quilted in the olivey green border. Your Medallion Quilt looks great hanging there-sorry it didn't sell. Love Esther's quilt-nice you got a photo in front of them. Seeing pics of your work on Facebook is great but I love seeing more detail reading your blog so hope you keep going. Of course that's from one wo hasn't writtn hers all year and needs to start again!

  9. I know what you mean about blogging Leeanne. At least you have all your customers quilts to show. I dont make quilts quickly, so find it hard to post about not much. Your quilting is lovely as usual especially on Esther's Quilt!