Friday, January 26, 2018

Last quilt from 2017 and Cat's two delightful scrappy quilts

 Until today, an opportunity hadn't presented it's self to Stephanie for her to collect her Log Cabin quilt that I had quilted at the end of last year.
Made to gift to a male in the family, it's perfect.

Stephanie asked of my edge to edge woodgrain quilting. I used Fantastico thread by Superior Threads in the colour "Pheasant". Stephanie chose polyester batting a nice grey swirl wide backing fabric from my selection of batting & wide backing fabrics.

Look at those eyes!

                        The quilt measures 49"x 60". Stephanie has a deep grey for the binding.

Next up, but from THIS years quilting pile are two of Cat's creations. First is her Halloween Scrap Vomit quilt. I'm sure you have seen these quilts doing the rounds, I have made one and have another to the 'nearly finished' stage.

Cat asked for cotton batting and she supplied a pieced backing. The quilt measures 68" square, Cat chose "Gossamer" for the E2E quilting and I used Glide thread in the colour "Lava".

Last but not least is Cat's Scrap Happy Rails quilt. Cat chose cotton batting again and this time went with one of my wide backing fabrics. E2E quilting "Turbulence" and Fantastico thread in the colour "Giggles".

                  Measuring 71" square this makes for a good sized quilt. See the pretty backing?

             Thank you Stephanie and Cat for letting me quilt for you, we work great as a team!


  1. Lovely quilting on them all, I particularly like turbulence.

  2. All gorgeous Leeanne ...I love the grey swirl backing that Stephanie chose for her quilt especially because it is for a male I think you said. Yes I have seen those "scrap vomit" quilts on instagram. Just wonderful!

  3. I love a good scrap quilt, and this post has three of them!
    I may be attempting that woodgrain look when I quilt Sasquatch--if my shoulder ever feels good enough for quilting again. :(
    Since I am not on other social media, I hadn't seen a "scrap vomit" quilt. Such an endearing name. :)

  4. Beautiful quilting on those fun quilts Leeanne.

  5. Always plenty to keep you busy Leeanne!

  6. Oh, I really like those backing fabrics! Nice panto designs... well suited to the quilts.