Saturday, January 20, 2018

Gena's Hawaiian Quilt

Welcome and hello! Although it's been a couple of weeks since my last blog post I have been back into quilting for my fabulous customers. I keep getting the most wonderful quilts to play with! Gena's Hawaiian is one such quilt I can share. This is her very own design and I think you will agree it is quite spectacular.

Gena is a new customer of mine and trusted me to 'quilt - as - desired" pressure Leeanne! Between you and I, I had no idea what I was going to quilt until this huge quilt (104" square) was loaded on my machine, then, only then did the ideas come. This is how the quilting juices flow for me sometimes.

Often I take a photo of the quilt, print it out in black and white, and draw some ideas on it before quilting.

My inspirational friend Linda posted a tutorial on Instagram on how she quilts her wiggly cross-hatching. As soon as I saw it I thought 'thank you Linda, this is perfect for the central setting triangles on Gena's quilt!
What a delightful time I had with the super cute turtles that became my friends over the days it took for me to quilt this. I went for the sea foam and moving water look.........does it look like the turtles are swimming around?

With each turtle I had to pin all their little legs, heads and tails out of the way of the hopping foot, if I didn't do that I would surely stitch over them, then there would be no more swimming for them! Then their shells needed a swirl to stop them going saggy and baggy over time.

The very wide border fabric was the inspiration for the flowing seaweed type vine. The middle of the border fabric had grey shading through the middle which became a perfect stem!

                          Gena chose the perfect backing fabric, it looks just like turtle shell.

Thank you so much Gena, it was a a pleasure to quilt for you and on such a unique quilt.

I managed to finish another cushion. Made using English paper piecing papers from Jodi at  Tales of cloth. Appliqued onto some 10" squares leftover from this quilt . I then did some quilting on the front as well as a piece for the back. Then I made some covered buttons.

This along with my other mandolin block which I mounted in my old hand quilting hoop (here) have been so much fun! I wait for my first lot of papers to arrive for this fun block of the month.

I have several customer quilts to share with you but let me save them for another you fancy stopping back again another day?


  1. Gorgeous Leeanne ...I have enjoyed watching the turtles come to life on your instagram posts. They are just wonderful & they sure do look like they are swimming in water!! Your new cushion is wonderful too!!!

  2. What an adventure to quilt that large quilt--you did it up beautifully! Wonderful interpretation of water and foam for the turtles swimming.
    You know I love seeing the back.
    Great job on the cushion, too.
    Of course I will be back for more! :)

  3. I love seeing your quilting. You inspire me to try different ideas which usually get fabulous results.

  4. Beautiful quilting. Love the swimming turtles and that centre pices is stunning. Love your cushion Leeanne, beautiful colours and I love the pop of orange on the back.

  5. Great work . Your quilting really made it. I like your cushion too!

  6. It looks like you had a lot of fun with Gena's lovely quilt Leeanne - it seems to have really got your creative juices working overtime! The wriggly crosshatching looks great too! Cute cushion!

  7. This is fabulous!! The quilting really brings it to life. Looks like really had a lot of fun with it, too!
    Yes! I do fancy coming back to see more :-)

  8. Lucky you to be able to quilt as you had fun! It is awesome. Also love your Mandolin block, great idea to put a stitchery in the middle. Happy Quilting xxxxx

  9. Love the quilting round those turtles, that was one massive quilt.

  10. Looks like a challenging quilt... sometimes those large areas are hard to come up with ideas for, and you have some really good solutions here. Love those turtles!