Friday, January 5, 2018

Some finishes of my own.......................

Hello and Happy New Year! Here in New Zealand it is summer, although today as a storm rips through the North Island it's hard to believe! Flooding, trees ripped up by their roots, poor camping grounds sending people away.

This has been me over the holiday period, a sense of bliss finishing UFO's and maybe a start of a new project or two.............but all inside of course! One finish is my "Otters in Space" quilt. The name of the quilt is really Isobella from Donna's Quilt Studio but because I fussy cut some otters from my Tula Pink fabric I thought the name was fitting especially when I was quilting this as it got me thinking it looked like a spaceship in space, then I fondly remembered the Muppet's "Pigs in Space" episodes I love to watch as a kid.

English paper pieced using Tula Pink, Blueberry Park, Kaffe Fassett and others varieties. Appliqued onto a wide baking fabric, two layers of batting and a whole heap of fun quilting time!

                             I'm sure there are feathers and Otters in space right?

                          Finished off with a flange binding, I'm rather pleased with my efforts.

The next finish is my Mandolin block from Tales of Cloth another English paper piecing finish. I loved making this! And when I saw an idea to frame a block in a hand quilting hoop that was it for me. My hand quilting days are long over.

The middle section is from a vintage linen (see this post about that) and Alison Glass, Tula Pink & Cotton & Steel fabrics. Then appliqued onto a plain piece of vintage linen. Then of course some quilting.

Another finish which was so much fun to make is my Hipster Fox cushion, a Quilt Art Design. This time foundation paper pieced.

                              Here he is in sections - he's not feeling all together! :-)

The background fabric was rescued from my husbands OPShop pile of clothes........I love it when he buys 100% cotton shirts!

a touch of colouring in sections to keep me from getting muddled.
My next finish is a quilt I finished part way through last year that has been sitting waiting to be quilted, so I thought it was a good time to finish it proper like! It's a Angela Walters quilt from the Midnight Quilt Show........anyone else watch those? I love them, she's very humorous!

The quilt is called "On Point". It's a Jelly Roll quilt that sews together quickly. The Jelly roll is a Moda one by Basic Grey but I used a Kona solid in grey which as you can see isn't a perfect match, but do I mind? NO! Some simple quilting got this finished and my husband has surprised me yet again by saying he really likes this quilt, as you know between him and I we see many different quilts because of my quilting business.

Even though this was probably only several hours worth of quilting it was on my quilting frame for a few days, I would quilt a few rows, have a cuppa then go to my sewing machine to do some scrap quilt piecing then another cuppa and back for some more quilting......real holiday mode around here!

For now those are all my finishes, I have a couple more scrap quilts on the go and several more quilt tops to be quilted, but I am just going with the flow.

Thank you so much for stopping by and seeing some of my own quilts for a change. Next time it will be my lovely customers quilts here on show.
Until then I shall share with you my current screen three beautiful grandchildren xxx


  1. Love pigs in space! :)
    Wow--those first two pieces are beautiful.
    And I really like your dapper Mr. Fox. So fun!
    "On Point" looks great. Love incorporating clothing into quilts, and it really is enhanced by your quilting. They all are.
    It was a treat to see your own quilts this time around.
    My sister is heading to New Zealand in a couple of weeks--wish I was going with her.

  2. Your quilting makes your quilts extra special. Your babies are darling!

  3. Just so much gorgeous-ness here Leeanne. Just lovely to see you working on your own quilting for a change. Love ALL of it ... hard to choose a favourite but really love the hoop framed one Xxx

  4. For yourself, and why not? They are all so beautiful I cannot find a #1 in them all, maybe "on point" like little mountains all over, and that is you to a T!!!

  5. It's always good to take care of your stuff all beautiful. Lively GD.

  6. I love your mandolin hoop, did you just trim the back to fit? Your hipster fox is very cool too, so much good fabric in men's cotton shirts.

  7. Goodness, your finishes are phenomenal and your quilting just wonderful, especially Otters in Space - great title! Happy New Year - hope you're able to catch up with your three grandchildren again soon.

  8. Good to see you with some time to yourself to just relax and sew and do some finishing of your own projects. It looks like you've made great use of your time, that's for sure... and I like the easy going approach to your quilting - sounds like you were in proper holiday mode! Nice of D to share his reject shirts... that's a stunning backing on your Mr Fox cushion - Janeen's designs are rather cool aren't they? Lovely work as always - oh and what a special screen saver you have!

  9. It must be so hard to balance time for your own quilts and all the lovely quilting you do for clients. I loved seeing your work. Happy New Year.

  10. Happy New Year Leeanne :-)
    So nice you got some sewing time for yourself. Hope you are fitting in some walking too. Love Mr Fox and also the Mandolin block nice colours and a clever way to frame it.!! What a special photo of your three Grandies!!! Dont they grow up fast. Happy Sewing for 2018. Hugs xxxxx

  11. Wonderful to see you have had some time to do some of your own projects, and you are able to cruise along and do waht you want to when you want to. Love all the projects you have made, the fox is amazing!! Your quilting is stunning.

  12. superb quilting and those otters are too cute.
    I agree with your hubby, your on point quilt is amazing and the quilting really compliments it perfectly.
    what precious grandies!