Monday, May 7, 2018

Bursting with colour!

Brace yourself for Inthia and Maureen's colourful quilts. I had the pleasure of quilting them both.............

Quilt information:

Pattern - New York Beauty - origin unknown to me.
Measurements - 84" x 100"
Batting - Black cotton blend - purchased from me.
Backing - supplied by customer.
Thread - Glide
Quilting - custom

Quilt information:

Pattern - Frog Frenzy - origin unknown to me.
Measurements - 62" x 75"
Batting - Cotton - purchased from me.
Backing - supplied by customer - pieced.
Thread - Glide.
Quilting - Edge to edge - freehand - "ripples'.


  1. Wow, let the fireworks sparkle.

  2. your quilting is stunning! love NYB quilts!

  3. The New York Beauty is a stunning quilt, love the colours and your quilting on both is beautiful.

  4. Two VERY colourful quilts for sure Leeanne. The first one reminds me of a mariners wheel. Now I have a question from Pippi & Blackie .... how come no photos of Simon anymore?? Surely he is there somewhere on a chair, a quilt or your batting?? We miss him :-)

  5. A stunning 'New york Beauty' version! It's in mainly solids? I do like how you have customised the quilting on it, and not gone all over the corner sections on each blcok. And 'frog frenzy' made me smile, very bright & cute!

  6. Wow, both gorgeous quilts, full of glorious colours. The New York Beauty is a stunner!

  7. That New York Beauty blows me away! How ever do you come up with just the right way to quilt things like that?

  8. Stunning colours in both quilts, along with your quilting xxxx

  9. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!