Friday, January 20, 2017

making head way..........................

Being back in the quilting saddle took some getting use to, it does every January. My husband is a school teacher, so over here in New Zealand he is still on holiday, so working while he is not takes some discipline! Anyhow, rest assured I have been quilting away, some of what I have been quilting cannot be shown here on my blog for a while.

The ones I can share with you today are both made by Marcelle, two cot quilts to be gifted to her friends that are having babies very soon. Marcelle, pieced a backing big enough for both quilts and asked for edge to edge quilting on both quilts, same thread same pattern, so I loaded them both together!

The pattern is called 'Stars and Loops', I used Matilda's Own wool batting and Glide thread in the colour 'linen'.

The edge to edge works well on the baby quilts, they will no doubt get burped on, dribbled on, cuddled and many many washes, these are what are traditionally called utility quilts.
The backing was a cute flannel fabric that will wash up so soft and cuddly, extra nice for new babies!

I have been quilting a night sky, complete with sparkly silver thread..........................

This afternoon when I finished quilting for the day I put the final borders on my black n' white jelly roll quilt.

It looks a bit washed out in the photo, but it has a really nice limey/olive green sashing that gives the quilt a bit of pop! I also made some binding, ready for when the quilter has finished the quilting :-)

Flange binding! Bringing some more of that green into the mix. This was a super easy jelly roll pattern, then I added the green and then a border.

Over the holiday period we have been watching a fabulous series called "The Bridge"............If you are not bothered by subtitles and enjoy a who done it, the kind that keeps you coming back for more! This could be for you too.

Last weekend I went tramping with a few friends from Urquhart bay to Ocean beach. Hard work up what seems like endless steps, but the views are always worth the climb. The sign says 5-7 hours one way, but we did it in just a smidgen over 4 hours and rewarded ourselves with a rather chilly swim in the ocean.

Next week I am away on a bit of adventure, a tramping adventure, so I have been planning and packing...................................................

              More on that next time. Until then happy blogging, creating and enjoying life!


  1. Those baby quilts are gorgeous! It is good that you can load them both together, makes for quicker quilting I would guess. Your black and white quilt looks wonderful,love the pops of green. That looks like a great walk too,although the number of steps is daunting for me!! Well done to do it in less time too. We have seen bits of The Bridge and enjoyed it a lot. Am currently working my way through Wallander, that is another good series. Enjoy your tramping adventure!

  2. More nice quilts/quilting Leeanne. I love the green you have added to your black and white quilt

  3. Pleased to see you have been quilting up a storm Leeanne. I love the pop of lime green on your black white quilt also. Have not seen that series but I love it when people recommend books & films & write them down to watch in the future. Hope your tramping adventure goes well .... have a great weekend my friend x x x

  4. If you are tramping anywhere near the Central Plateau, it has been COLD!!! Snow there last night, a freezing wind off Ohakune straight down to us this morning.Love the quilts and that lime green is a super finish.

  5. Your night sky quilting is just stunning, I absolutely love it!

  6. I love the lime green pops. Gosh you have a lot on the go.

  7. Lovely pieces, and I love the black and white one!!!

  8. Two very cute little quilts.
    Wow--I love the night sky you have quilted. The design is mesmerizing!
    You are one serious hiker. That is a gorgeous view!

  9. the lime green really pops as a flanges. Baby quilts so coourful too. Feeling xhausted just reading about your tramping around and no thanks to the cold swim, have to own up to not being able to swim

  10. Nothing like a black white and green quilt... must make one one day :o)

  11. Thank you for taking photos of spectacular views, I would still be trying to get to the view point!! Happy quilting and tramping.

  12. Loving all your work Leanne. The black with the green is fabulous. I'm a real chartreuse green gal myself. Do e joy your adventure!

  13. Lovely baby quilts of Marcelle's, a good idea of hers to have them both share the backing and quilting! Your bland and white looks great too...sure looks like your January is turning into a busy one!

  14. Lovely quilting as usual Leeanne. I LOVE the lime green with the black and White. It always adds that extra ummf / zing to a quilt.

  15. Beautiful quilting as always Leeanne. Love the B&W with a touch of Lime.
    Gorgeous views.

  16. Lovely quilts and quilting, Leeanne! Your black and whte quilt with lime is fabulous!
    I love 'The bridge' also, I saw the second an third series, and I hope there will be a fourth once.
    Happy week, I'm looking forward for your story and photos!
    Love, Cisca