Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Two Caswell Quilts

Hello! And welcome back, it's been a while since my last blog post, I've still been around posting snippets on Instagram and Facebook. Also I had a short holiday to pop over to Brisbane to visit with 3 of my children and all of my grandchildren, which of course was wonderful! But I did miss quilting, the short break reinforced  I really do LOVE my Jobby!
I have been itching for weeks to share the following two quilts, although they have been finished for many weeks Kathryn & Helen wanted to drive up from Auckland to collect them both and sometimes the days don't match up. Both quilts are very similar with only a few subtle differences, the background fabric is the most obvious difference between the two. Kathryn and Helen liked my quilting design ideas and both wanted the same, but I'm sure you will spot a few small differences in the quilting.
So without further a do................................

Quilt Information:

Pattern -Caswell designed by Corliss Searcey.
Measurements - 81" x 94"
Batting - Cotton/poly - Purchased from me.
Backing - Supplied by customer.
Threads - Bobbin Fill.
Quilting - Custom.

Me with my 3 grandkids.


  1. Gorgeously quilted and beautiful grands!

  2. That quilt is a work of ART! You put the finishing touches to something that owner will treasure for years. By the way Grandma you look pretty cute with the kids!!

  3. Wow--gorgeous quilts with very stellar quilting. I can see a couple of differences, but still the same feel. Wonderful job! I would never dare tackle such quilts.
    Great shot with the grands!

  4. Absolutely stunning Leeanne! What gorgeous quilts & what alot of work, both in the making AND in the quilting. Just beautiful. Were they sitting in their bags when I was there?? Wish I had known, they might've been sneaked into my bag!! Lovely photo with grandies. Xx

  5. Lovely photo with your grandies Leeanne!! And OMG those quilts are fabulous what a lot of work both ladies have put in to accomplish such beautiful art work, and how lucky they were to have you quilt them!! And you do love your "jobby" with the care and thought you take in quilting, hugs xxxx

  6. Amazing amount of work in both quilts, real heirlooms! And beautifully quilted!