Friday, August 28, 2015

Custom quilting Mariners Compass quilt and a Round Robin Quilt.

Two very different quilts to share today, a Mariners Compass - custom quilted and a Round Robin quilt - all over quilting design (E2E). First is Annah's Mariner's Compass made for her son who is a sea captain.

Although Annah wanted custom quilting she didn't want it densely quilted. There are lots of bulky seams due to the foundation piecing. This quilt measures : 66" x 70".

To keep the 'compass points' dimensional I quilted only the dark side with a simple pattern meander.
There are parts quilted and others that only have the required ditch stitching. The background was easy as I just followed the vertical lines of the linen fabric.

Annah loved the addition of a cable on the border. This was marked using my white Bohin chalk pen.
The part of this quilt I am most excited to share with you is the most perfect backing fabric, an old world type map...........yes New Zealand is there!

A couple more photo's of the back......................

                               Thanks so much Annah, I hope your son loves his quilt.
                                          Next is Janette's Round Robin quilt.

Janette asked for all over quilting (E2E) in a contempory design. I used a square spiral design and a putty coloured thread called Mother Goose.

Janette told me the appliqued baskets were left over from a project from several years ago that she threw into her 'Round Robin bag'. The quilt grew from there with friends adding their part.

Winter seems to be hanging on even here in 'The Winterless North', lucky winter is my favourite season! I am filled with the wonders of nature and all her beauty not matter the season.

Thank you for stopping by, here's hoping your weekend is enjoyable. I will leave you with some very wise words, something to ponder.


  1. What a beautiful Mariner's Compass!
    I, too, love all seasons. I just love nature! That is a lovely photo.
    That is a really good thought to ponder. So, so true.

  2. Lovely quilting on both of these quilts Leeanne and the backing on the Mariner's Compass couldn't be a better fit!

  3. Fabulous quilting. Love the cabke border pattern

  4. Beautiful quilts & quilting Leeanne, That mariners compass is just the perfect gift for a sea captain son I feel. I love how you have quilted it & adore the backing too. I love that last verse, I often think of it. Happy Weekend right back at ya x x x

  5. great quilts so different but both lovely. Words of wisdom you have shared at the end of you blog today so true. Heading into autumn here after a very poor summer

  6. both lovely quilts :) the custom quilting on the compass is perfectly complimentary and the back... stunning! Hope the sun comes out for you soon!

  7. The Mariners Compass always a favourite for me ~ brilliant backing fabric ~

  8. Totally love your scenic photo, looks very tranquil. I have bought a book about Maya, well when I say bought I have ordered it. Pretty sure it will be lovely. Happy Weekend you Winter lover, but guess what, SUMMER IS COMING!!!! Oh yeah!!!!

  9. You get through an amazing amount of quilting, these two are beautiful. Gorgeous quilting and the map fabric is perfect. Lovely photo of the river :)

  10. Lovely quilting. Also love the words.

  11. Mariners compass one of my favourites, love what you've done. Fabulous quilting your clients will be pleased. Wise words always helpful to remember. Winter has been harsh down south this year also.