Friday, January 6, 2012

"Merry Christmas to me, merry christmas to me!"

Look at this wonderful present I got from my friend Raewyn !
She knows what my favourite block is.........the Dresden!

Checkout how well it goes in my room......................

Sitting next to my Stitching Round the Block cushion and sharing space with my whimsical quilt and this next photo is the quilt hanging above the bed.............................
2010 Lynette Anderson mystery button BOM

A closeup of Raewyn's beautiful needleturn! and stitching.........T*H*A*N*K*Y*O*U   R*A*E*W*Y*N


  1. Leeanne, that is a beautiful cushion which Raewyn made. Beautiful stitching and it looks so gorgeous on your bed with your other cushion and lovely quilt. What is the quilt on the bed, I would love to see another photo of it.

  2. Great gifts Leeanne, love the whimiscal quilt. I have that pattern - did you paint on the words?
    have a great day, Michelle.

  3. Fantastic! I wish i made that quilts and pillow! :)

  4. Grin - I KNEW the cushion would fit in with your other bits and pieces! - so glad I was right, and so glad you like it!!

  5. I love the cushion Raewyn made you....very nice stitching. I am also working on the Lynette Anderson's about time I get mine finished. Can I ask....did you needleturn the applique bits or stitch with blanket stitch?

  6. Beautiful present!!
    Love your new banner, by the way. :)

    Happy New Year.

  7. What lovely gifts you've got, you are a lucky girl! Happy 2012 to you too!!