Sunday, January 1, 2012

Orca Bay photo shoot.....................

can you spot the 'helper'?
So I'm all finished with step 7 of Bonnie Hunter's mystery I thought maybe the wood shed would be a nice spot for photo's, but the blocks seem to blend plan B

back to the Thyme as I had some time to make these blocks I thought it was a good spot..................

Mmmmmm can you spot the 'helper'?

Rose! She just can't help herself!

How can a cat go to sleep so fast?

I did all of step 7 ......only because my 'helper' didn't come into my studio!

Has anyone else had problems with these string/geese blocks being more elastic than the Ohio Stars? I am not having much fun putting the rows together.

Already there are lots of links ups here

My eldest daughter is turning 21 this week, this I what I made her.

The fabric is called "April in Paris"

 It is easier to see the quilting I did from the back.....sort of echoy paisley?

Here's a shot of the back....I hope she likes this. It was hard to know what to make when she hasn't spoken to me in a few years, but I felt compelled to make her a quilt.


  1. Your daughters quilt is beautiful xxx
    And your cat made me giggle xxx

  2. Looks like Rose enjoys her swimming in Orca Bay! I guess you'll be putting it all together today? I'm sure your daughter will appreciate the quilt - it's lovely - and gorgeous fabric.

  3. My cat loves the strips I make for borders- but she bites them instead of napping on them! Love your work. I have not done the red strings yet so can't say about the problem but they are probably super bias...
    My daughter didn't speak to me for a couple years and then I decided to make her a quilt (my first) and before it was done she called me out of the blue! I hope your daughter recognizes the gift from the heart- it is spectacular.

  4. I am not having much fun putting them together either! But no whining! LOL I'm finding they need to be gently eased in when sewing them to the stars. It's sad that your daughter doesn't talk to you. Maybe things will get better as she matures. Good luck with the stars and the daughter!

  5. Absolutely love your Orca Bay colors!!! The stings are alot more elastic than the Ohio stars. A little easing and pinning may help. I just pieced my strings. When I paper piece them, sometimes they stretch when the paper is removed. Of course, that's probably a "just me" problem! ~ Jeanne

  6. What a great helper you have!! She loves your colors as much as I do. But really the blocks blend in with your helper just as much as the wood shed. Great pictures made me smile! And your daughters quilt - gorgeous, Happy Birthday to her.

  7. My helper was sleeping so there were no photo opps for him again!
    I hope your daughter likes her quilt (it is lovely)and it helps to get you both talking again.

  8. The cat photos made me laugh! What a helper!
    Your Orca Bay colors are beautiful. Love them!
    I hope your daughter appreciates her quilt!

  9. I love your helper... and block too!!!
    Happy birthday to your daughter.

  10. cats and quilts are priceless :)
    It's been a great mystery hasn't it!
    Thanks for sharing your progress

  11. What gorgeous colors! Yum! And what a great encourag-er Rose is : )
    I have had a bit of trouble with those geese units too...Probably starch would help. Gotta get some and see.

  12. new follower now! :-) I like your helper....

  13. I see it's not just my cat rushing as soon as I put a piece of quilt on the floor! yours is too cute!

  14. Very helpful kitty. I enjoyed the saga of your for a photographic backdrop. I love your daughter's quilt, front and back.

  15. I think your Quilt Inspector, Rose, really approves! My QI has been very instrumental in my progress on Orca Bay as well. Her name is Smokey and she is as enthusiastic about helping as Rose appears to be!

  16. Your Orca Bay blocks are looking wonderful and the quilt you made your daughter is beautiful. I hope she loves it.

  17. Hi Leanne - love your blocks - orange is one of my favourite colours. Especially love that orange helper - hope you only found a cat in the woodpile and not a snake (like we found today).