Friday, May 25, 2012

Hello, goodbye!

It has been two weeks since my last post, it is not that I have had nothing to post about, I have just been rather busy &  just this week our computer was in getting an over haul....very under whelming I might add!
So here is some of what I have been doing..................
sorry about the garden in the background, when the computer went for it's 'over haul 'our photo editing programme was  misplaced! ( if you want a close up, please click on photo's)     

sunbonnet Sue

School House
Drunkards Path - you got a sneaky peaky of that last post.
Bow Tie
Jacob's Ladder
Carpenter's Wheel
'T' is for Temperance
Birds in the Air
Honey Bee
Grandmother Garden
Counter Change Cross
Union Star
Flying Geese


And finally  the last two blocks, my favourtites!...........................
Log Cabin
Dresden Plate.
So there you have it! You, see I haven't been mucking around :-)

This quilt was made by Kerryn as a sample for a upcoming class at my favourite wee shop
 A wool/poly batting was used and a couple of  reproduction ranges. I used mainly Madeira Poly neon threads.
I have loaded these plus more photo's om my Flickr page, the direct link can be found top left hand corner of my blog.

I made this Brownie the other day, I got the recipe from Leanne over at Cottage Tails . This is how she decorated the top, so did I !!!!
Well that's all for now now folks as I'm off to retreat today! Yippie, I can sew up a storm......catch you when I get back!


  1. Hey Leeanne, beautiful quilting yet again... and a cute way to decorate a brownie I must remember this!

  2. Gorgeous quilting Leeanne and what a very cute way to decorate with icing sugar!

  3. I LOVE YOUR BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your quilts are so lovely, very nice, very cute, absolutly spectacular

  4. love how you quilted the Grandmother's garden! all of them are just wonderful... :)

  5. The quilt is beautiful and your quilting is fantastic. Love the close up of all the blocks. The brownie looks great too.

  6. STUNNING!! Both the quilt and quilting.

  7. Красивое одеяло! Цвета гармоничные и очень приятные!