Sunday, May 27, 2012

Autumn leaves

So I went to retreat Friday afternoon & came home Saturday afternoon.......what a party pooper I am!! I went along feeling a bit of a cold coming on but with all the excitement of a 'once a year retreat' I thought 'she'll be right'!! Well as the evening progressed I felt worse, my poor roomies, listening to me blow my nose every few moments, still they can't have been too disturbed as I heard each one having turns at putting out musical notes! (AKA....snoring! very feminine snoring I might say. ) When you are feeling like this sometimes the only place you you feel better is at home.

I did get some done & finished this afternoon when I had put my studio back in order. So here it is. A layer cake from Brannock & Patek called "Remembrance". Quilt pattern from: "Layer Cake & Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts". by Pam & Nicky Lintott. Simple quilt, no waste of fabric, now it just needs to be quilted!................Add it to the pile Leeanne!..................
this is the layout I chose at retreat

This is the finished top.........nice don't ya think?
 This is the me getting fancy/ showing off photo! I might give this to my Brother for his birthday or my Dad.
Here is a line up of one side of the hall, good advertising for SewEzi tables & Bernina don't you think?
Ok back to work stuff. This is a quilt I finished for the Whangarei Patchwork & Quilters club. I understand Fiona made & donated this to the club & had me quilt it. The quilt called ' Road to St Louis' (?) will be 2nd prize at the clubs exhibition in August.

  Sharing a couple more blocks of Angel Story.
Of course these could all do with a darn good press & trim.................happy days!
Wishing you all a free breathing nose!


  1. I love your quilt top, beautiful fabrics and your quilting is fantastic again on the other quilt. Love the angel blocks too. Hope the cold doesn't hang around too long, Wendy xx

  2. Too bad about the cold... hope it is just a short lived one! Quilting is gorgeous (as always). And I'm so glad that the musical notes were only snores!

  3. Eek, what a bad time to get a cold, hope you are feeling better really soon. The quilt top is gorgeous, love the colours, a real warm and inviting come and snuggle under me kind of quilt. Your quilting is stunning on the second quilt too...

  4. Such a shame you had to go home, but well done on getting that top put together anyway. Lovely fabrics, looks really nice.

  5. I love what you did with the Brannock & Patek fabric! I am going to search out that book, since I love that quilt so much. Good work!