Thursday, September 20, 2012

After Twenty years!

Jacki started this quilt about twenty years ago & here it is finished!!
Done as a BOM through Grandmothers Garden, a pattern by Jan Patek , which I see from Jan's blog she is running as a collectors series, apparently this was Jan's first BOM.

Some of the blocks........................

Jacki wanted no heavy quilting & I had to agree that was the best road to take. She thought the best would be to hand quilt using a large running stitch, but then thought it might take another twenty years to finish!!
I thought loose stipple was in keeping with the style with a few other bits n' bobs thrown in.
And last but certainly not least the back..............

Jacki makes the most wonderful pieced backs, they add an extra punch of interest.
Click to enlarge the photo's. You will see three orphaned blocks, one is this wonderful cat................
Cotton/ bamboo batting, plaids, brushed cottons, flannels. Black flannel was used for the sashing & binding.

Take a bow did a great job!


  1. so there is hope for those long forgotten WIP's - although I hope mine don't hang around for 20 odd years! Lovely quilt - amazing how it is still so current (and hopefully going to be well loved).

  2. Great to see this one quilted!! Well done Jacki for getting moving on it - isn't it lovely!! I do agree, she does wonderful backs :-)

  3. Thank you for letting me see Jaki's quilt Leeanne. Having seen the quilt being put together it is great to see it completed. The quilting fits the quilt style so well. I bet Jaki is very happy with the final result and will enjoy the quilt for many years

  4. I have this series...need to start it! I've had it for at least 10 years? Still love it, so that is good!

  5. What a beautiful quilt and your quilting suits it perfectly. Amazing!

  6. So there is hope for me after all!!! It looks great...:O)

  7. I love jan Patek patterns. It still looks good for twenty years old.

  8. Just as well I haven't been quilting for 20 years yet or I would have so UFO's that old too! I better get my skates on though as I think I started in 96

  9. Wow - a fabulous quilt - so glad you finished it Jacki so we all get to see it - and as always, Leeanne - the perfect quilting finish :)

  10. Great to see it quilted and finished, you both have done great work!

  11. Wow, what a marvellous quilt, 20 years old and still of 2012! Jan Patek's quilts stay fresh. The quilting is geat, too, and the back.....
    Happy quilting, Cisca