Wednesday, October 31, 2012 you like it??

Some people can't stand it others love it, my customer Vivian loves stipple and wanted stipple in the background of the butterflies.

Vivian has made this quilt for one of her granddaughters. I used Madeira polyneon in a cream for the stipple.

I used Gunold variegated for the large tripple cross hatch.................
please click on this one for the sparkle
Vivian added butterflies scattered around the border........................

I used a Metallic thread called "Illuminations" for the feather on the border, it was terrible...........I  stuck with it, wasting heaps of thread because of the breakages, when I finished I threw it in the bin! I have forgotten where I got it from, maybe it is old, old thread does break.

I hope Vivian's granddaughter will be happy!

As wandering around my garden the other day I spotted this Foxglove.


  1. I like stipple, and love the feathers on the quilt! Wild fox glove is my favourite. Michelle

  2. love your triple CH...perfect!!...and of course the feathers. :) sorry for your thread troubles...ugh

  3. I think the stippling looks great on this--what girl wouldn't love this quilt?
    I have thought there were some quilts that just called for stippling, but my longarm quilter didn't like stippling and I always had a hard time convincing her that I wanted it. Now that I quilt my own I can use it where I choose! : )

  4. Yes I like stipple! Pretty quilt

  5. It's lovely Leeanne. Stippling is great as it's one I can do!! Inspite of what some say, it does have a place on our quilts, I reckon!