Friday, November 2, 2012

Hello November!

Lyn made this quilt for her daughter in Australia, she asked me to please quilt an all over design. I chose flowers & leaves. I used a Madeira polyneon variegated thread. Lyn supplied the poly batting.
This a large quilt 82 " x 89" otherwise I would have displayed it on my new quilt hanger..................

Made with oak, measuring 1.5 mtrs complete with a lovely drawer. My son has been working away on this all year at school for NCEA. Hasn't he done a lovely job! I said he could easily make these to sell.
The quilt on the rack is a BOM I did a few years ago called "Sea Angels", designed by Susan Claire

So here we are into November, with the year ticking by very quickly!!!

Wishing you all a creative weekend........&  warm wishes to those in the US who are affected by the storm.


  1. Oooo! That Bargello quilt just radiates with those citrus colors. Beautiful!
    Your son made a great quilt rack for you--you lucky woman.
    Where did this year go? Is that a sign of age? As a child it seemed like forever from one Christmas to the next. Now it seems the decorations have barely had time to cool off in their boxes. : )

  2. You got the quilt rack up and it looks great. I do so think he should make some to sell ... I will be his first customer!!

  3. Grin I will be the second customer!!The Bargello is vibrant isn't it - the all over design looks like it works well on it.

  4. Looks like talent runs in the family. I think it's great when kids get to make something useful for school projects/activities. These are often things that are shown with so much pride many... many...many years later to grandchildren etc...

  5. Gorgeous quilt Leeanne and again lovely quilting by you...
    Your son did a great job of the quilt hanger...I think he'll be getting orders for more..
    I have a couple DH made without the drawer...great idea for the drawer..
    Julia ♥

  6. Wow - what a beautiful quilt hanger - he has made such a fabulous job of it - well done:)

  7. Lovely quilting and I agree, your son made an amazing job of the quilt hanger, I'm sure he could sell them!

  8. Love Lyn's quilt - such great colours. Your quilting compliments it beautifully :)