Monday, January 21, 2013

more road trip............................

Time to work on a few PHD's. The top one is Angel Story by Anni Downs. This has been a work in progress for a few years. I am needle turning the blocks, so that takes some time, but what's the rush?

Next is H & F Wagtime by Lynette Anderson, this is the first block finished, this only took two years!!!!! I have needle turned this one also, but I have now decided to do raw edge applique with a blanket stitched edge. I love needle turn, but at this rate I just can't be tackling two needle turn projects. I feel I would like to get some of these projects finished, I guess I will feel like I will have some head space then.

Mmm, nice fold line there!

Can you guess where we are??????
For those bloggers over the water & aren't sure this is Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. I love Wellington, it is a city, but one with a relaxed vibe. This photo is one I took at the traffic lights in the car, it is the Beehive which is part of the parliament buildings.

The next photo is the view from the accommodation we are staying. See my earlier post of an other visit here. 

Another photo from Threadbear Cottage, this is a sign on Julie's porch.

 And a photo of one of my purchases...............................

So I will enjoy my next couple of days sewing, bloggying & dreaming! I will leave you with a giggle........................


  1. great trip! How far did you travel? I have absolutely no concept. Love your dog applique! too darn cute...but i have 3 needle turn applique projects going...actually, not i'm with you on the blanket stitch!
    :) karen

  2. Nice PhD progress and I love your kitty purchase :)

  3. and the bribing of the quilter ... who would ever have to do that!!

  4. Hi Leeanne - gosh I am sooo glad you have some works in progress that have been going on for a couple of years too :-) !!! Dont feel so bad now :-)
    Your Angel Story blocks are beautiful - I love Anni Downs patterns.
    Hope you having a great weekend my friend. Thinking of you lots, Julie :-)

  5. P.S Oh forgot to say . . . LOVE that comic strip about the quilter ! ! ! :-)

  6. Will have to check out your Angel Story blocks in person one day... they look lovely. And funny that there should be permanent presses in the two years and counting dog block :0)

  7. Your needle turn projects are great!! Slow progress is better than no progress!!! What an inspirational place you are staying in - beautiful view.

  8. Love your needleturn, hope you're getting/got lots done on your trip. I do love the cartoon...... I'll have to try that - but then you got it done so quickly I didn't need

  9. Love the blocks you are working on. Looks like you have had a fantastic road trip, I must visit Threadbare cottage at some stage as it is in my neighbourhood!!