Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Quilt

Hello watchers, readers & bloggers, I am sharing with you today a finish of one of my quilts, with a bit of help from some friends.
Last year Eight friends decided to participate in a Pinwheel block swap, there were eight of us, so each month for the next .......I forget how many months it was something like 10mths we each made eight pinwheel blocks, many of us made them the super quick way........................
I started to put my blocks together at our retreat then I said to a few of the girls I wanted to add a applique header with either & house or an angel, I got some votes for a house, some for an angel, so I thought why can't I do both?
I haven't used all the pinwheel blocks, I thought I might make a cushion, or two, plus I used some in the pieced backing.
Block swaps are lots of fun, I have participated in a few now, if you missed them see here , here & here.
I didn't do any fancy quilting just straight lines & some stipple.

Because I had a lovely quilt hanger in my lounge, I added a hanging sleeve so now the quilt is up to enjoy!
fabric pen & some tiny buttons for the angel face & hair
Thank you girls! Also to Megan, Rachel, Aurely for making some extra's!
Do you like my tiny pinwheels???
Somehow I had got carried away & made extra blocks, I can't brag I made blocks this small, I just cut them down to 2" square!
Heavy rain here today, both my cats are very happy to be inside!
Brian & Simon


  1. What a fun quilt--I love the house/angel header. Great job, Leeanne!

  2. Your pinwheel quilt looks great Leeanne. Glad you went with the house and the angel. The appliqué is so perfect with the pinwheels

  3. Gorgeous quilt, Leeanne - and very very cute mini ones :)

  4. I LOVE it - just gorgeous !!! Love the pinwheels but also love the header you have added to it. It looks fantastic hanging in your lounge with all your other MOST interesting collectables :-)

  5. That's a sweet quilt - memories make the best quilts and I'm guessing you have lots of memories about the block swaps and retreats. Love the buttons for hair on your angel!

  6. What a fun quilt. I like how you added the house and angel up top.
    Thank you a bunch for sharing the photos, I enjoy your blog.

  7. Very cute! Well done on completion!! The cut down cuties are look so good too - seems like I see a teeny tiny theme at your place at the moment...! [From someone who also made you extras :-) :-)]

  8. Such a great quilt and oh so very you

  9. Love it and liking the cut down blocks also good idea!!! xxxxx

  10. Great quilt and how lovely that it combines swapped blocks from friends :)

  11. Your pinwheel quilt is gorgeous Leeanne, I love the applique border and your quilting, finishes it off perfectly! Cute pussy photo too!