Sunday, June 23, 2013

You are my sunshine

Checkout this ray of sunshine sun on a bleak winters day here in New Zealand! Pauline has made this quilt for her granddaughters 18th birthday. Pauline's granddaughter loves bright colours.
Pauline ask me to quilt an all over design through the centre, she chose a bright variegated thread. Then a feather for the border, over cotton batting.

What do you think of the backing Pauline made?.....................................

I have finished another book. This is the second book in a series of four, read about the first here. The second is called "A Drunkard's Path" by Clare O'Donohue.

Nell and Jesse’s first date is postponed on account of murder – and Nell puts herself, and her romance, on the line to find the killer.

Now I have the third book, this one I plan to donate to my local library as the library is missing this book from their copies. So if you are a local & you are keen to read this series, pop along to the library!

The following paragraph is from one of the chapters that made me think "yeah that's how it is for us quilters."

She stroked the bolt, a technique I recognized as part of the quilter's courting process. First we fall for the look of the fabric, the print, the colour. Then we begin to pet it, running our hands across the smooth cotton. It may seem odd to an outsider, but quilting is a tactile experience & since quilts are meant to be snuggled under it's important the fabric feels right.


  1. There's nothing like 'petting' fabric, it sure brightens my day!

  2. Well this quilt is a nice cheery start to my day!! Great backing alright!! It sounds like i must hunt out these books, the author seems to speak my language!!

  3. Beautiful bright quilt and your quilting is lovely. There is something about looking at, feeling and choosing fabrics!!

  4. LOL I am soo guilty of stroking fabric in shops LOL.

    Love the yellow in the quilt

  5. Lovely floral fabric in that quilt Leeanne - the backing is lovely also. Yes I am guilty of being a fabric stroker too :-) Thats why I prefer to buy fabric from shops rather than online so much - I get to feel it first.

  6. A lovely cheery quilt Leeanne. Love the yellow acsent and the back is great

  7. Very pretty quilt--and I love the back! I am never patient enough to put that much work into a backing, but it looks wonderful!
    I need to spend more time stroking fabric. Even from good quilt shops I have sometimes come home with a piece that I realize doesn't feel good to me. Too late then. : )

  8. What a lovely quilt, front and back! Love that your inside quilt pattern has feather shapes in it to coordinate the with border design :)