Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1 Xmas item

Yes it's that time of the month........where the heck is time going??
I gave up with only one or two buntings a month, I decided one day just to finish it, so I did!!

It was a dark dismal day when I tool the photo, but if you click on it things may look brighter. To each bunting point I added a small rusty bell. Now I am keen to make one for my granddaughter, only with her name, rather than 'Christmas'.
Thanks again to Narelle for being a great host of this SAL.

With all this cold wintery weather here in New Zealand it is hard to believe the following photo's, but I took them just yesterday.

 I'm not a plant expert, but a Foxglove?................................................

A friend gave me this lovely thick glass vase for my birthday, look what I managed to find to display!

Is there anyone that can tell me about this Bloglovin? Do I have to change over to it to follow the blogs I love? I really don't 'get' it...............am I the only one?


  1. Your bunting looks fantastic!
    Well done and thankyou for sharing.

  2. LOVE your bunting
    And I don't 'get' bloglovin either and apparently there is a newer one called feely or feedly?

  3. Nice job on the bunting.
    Based on the plant life you are showing, it doesn't look like winter as I know it. : )

  4. Wow, I love your bunting! We have a few roses still too even though it has turned cold now. I am thinking I don't need blog lovin or any other thing because I don't use google reader to read blogs?? That's my understanding anyway!!

  5. Hi Leeanne, yes you need to change over before the 1st of July to avoid losing all the blogs you follow... if you go to the Bloglovin website it should take you through the steps to carry all your blogs over to them...:O)
    The bunting looks great too by the way:O)

  6. Beautiful bunting Leeanne. That is a foxglove coming out in your garden - it is very early for them - they are a spring flower. I am thinking the seasons are all mixed up as my magnolia is in full bud.
    I freaked when I read Michelles comment as I dont understand about bloglovin & I dont really want to make any changes as am only just getting my head around things the way they are !!!!!!!

  7. love the bunting and great to pop over and visit.... I gather that if you use google reader and want another reader then you need to change to another one... bloglovin and feedly seem to be popular... my understanding is this only affects google reader so if you don't use that dont' worry...

  8. Ooo, what's bloglovin?! Now I'm worried. But I don't use Google reader, I just use the list that pops up in my Blogger dashboard, so I'm hoping it won't affect me. Guess I'll find out if I lose all my blogs. Yikes, that's a scary thought. What would I do without my blog fix everyday?!

    Anyway, love the bunting.

  9. Lovely bunting. I do both Feedly and Bloglovin...only because i was trying them both out for a while. I do like Bloglovin but in the last week feedly has me going there more often. I find it updates more often

  10. Love your bunting. Hugs......

  11. I understand that if you don't use google reader you don't have to worry...and if you don't have fancy gadgets that you use for your bloglife you are OK. I went to Bloglovin out of curiosity and just in case...!!

  12. Beautiful binfing. Great job.