Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Butterflies & Metalic thread

I have had a steady stream of new customers the past few months, Catherine is one. When Catherine saw Lois' quilt she gave up the idea of doing the quilting herself & asked if I could please quilt hers just like Lois'.

Catherine's quilt is larger than Lois'.
 Using Mettler's gold Metalic thread, Madeira poly neons, I did loopy stipple, Celtic Bubbles, straight lines & echo feathers over cotton batting.

if you click on the photo you will the gold!

This quilt is actually bright, but it was the end of the day, the sun was disappearing when I took the photo's. I hope Catherine's granddaughter is happy with her quilt.


  1. You must be doing it right, Leeanne, or the customers wouldn't keep coming. It all looks very pretty to me--what's not to like? : )

  2. Lots of nice big areas on that quilt for you to fill in. I like the circle one - it must be celtic bubbles - lots of movement in it.

  3. Love the gold thread you have used on it, very eye catching :-)

  4. I love those celtic bubbles

    a very special quilt top is almost finished ready to send to you

  5. Lots of new customers sounds great! Must be 'cause you make such an awesome job, this one is a beauty too...