Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sunday afternoon bliss

I am still feeling happy inside about my blissful Sunday afternoon.................................

From this to this......................................................

She is 31" tall, a bigger build than my other dolls, but so much fun to make. My friend Julie over at Threadbear Cottage got a few texts from me asking for doll making tips...........Thanks a million Julie!
She...........sorry how rude of me! Beth, doesn't have painted boots as stated in the pattern designed by Debbie Magee of Always Stitchin. I didn't have paint, only exterior house paint in lime green & after some lengthy thinking, came to the conclusion that perhaps I would leave the boots unpainted until I have consulted the experts, AKA Julie! Besides because her lacy edging on her dress ( the doilies ) are long you can't see her boots any how.

I even found a bit of blusher to give her cheeks a slight warm glow, found a lovely old button from my Mum's button jar that looks just like a brooch. I found a sheer embroidered hanky that I tied from a pink ribbon to her waist.  Not sure about the hat, it is wool felt, this shape & size are from the pattern, what do you think?
Her dress fabric is the same as fabric I used on a quilt I made a few years ago.
This was 'Tuesday Mystery' at my fav shop, The Country Yard

One day I will have a spare room decorated with my 'pretty stuff', this doll......I mean Beth will be there!

For now she will have to settle for hanging in my room, off my Lynette Anderson's 'My Garden' BOM.
Thank to Barbara for the loan of the pattern, I have searched online for Debbie Magee to find more of her patterns, but with no luck.

P.S, this took more than one Sunday afternoon to make, a few evenings were used up to 'play dolls' too!


  1. Beth is lovely Leeanne, she has the perfect heart shaped mouth. All her lacy doilies look great,well done! The quilt is beautiful too.

  2. Love the doilies. Maybe her hat is a bit bright or strong coloured? If you made another couple of hats, she could change them depending on her mood!

  3. Oh Leeanne, she is just beautiful. I will send you an email about painting boots & what I use :-) I think you are becoming a bit of a doll collecter now :-)I shall see if I have any Debbie Magee doll patterns in my (tiny little!!!) stash!!!

  4. That disclaimer at the end answered my question. I was reading this post wondering if you really did this doll in one afternoon!?! Very sweet little gal. : )

  5. Isn't she beautiful!! And a lovely use of your 'old' bits and pieces :-) I hope she is wearing some socks to keep her feet warm while she is waiting for her boots?!

  6. Beth is just gorgeous...I lovedolls like this.
    Love the quilt....did you FMQ it ?
    Just so beautiful.