Saturday, June 29, 2013

Buggy Barn, Primitive Quilts, quilt washing & a heart warming photo.

Before my friend Megan moved to the South Island she left me two of her quilt tops to quilt when I could. This one is a Buggy Barn design, Megan made it at a class at The Country Yard some years back, but you know, we ALL know how those 'flimsies' ( AKA  quilt tops ) can accumulate!!!

Megan wanted me to quilt it the same as I did the shop sample, see this post for this quilt & a few more Buggy Barn quilts.

Mostly Madeira threads, over cotton batting. I love quilting this feather on borders, fun & free!

Megan's next one is from the American magazine, 'Primitive Quilts'. A few friends got together one night to piece them, you may remember mine from this post,.

Those feathers keep following me!! Megan is going to be adding some wool felt circles to the cream sashing to look like berries on a vine.

Today started out with a beauty of a frost, my little red car was covered in frost, but the sun was shining! A great day to wash a quilt..............................

I made this quilt back in 2007, it is quilt - as - you - go............not my fav technique, too much fiddling around, but I know many people do use this technique & love it, what about you, do you like that method for quilting??

Update on my great nephew

Here he is, now over double the weight he was when born, snuggled under the wee quilt I made him.
My niece manages to express her milk which is then drip fed to him, isn't technology amazing!


  1. I love Megan's top quilt! Love the quilting you have done on it also!! Technology is amazing! he look's a gorgeous wee boy under that quilt.

  2. I really like your fun and free feathers. I need to practice those!

  3. Wow, Megan will be so delighted with these quilts - beautiful quilting job as always, Leeanne. Awesome news about your little great nephew, I hope everything continues to go well :-)

  4. Beautiful quilts of Megans, Love them both. You have done a great job Leeanne. That is wonderful news about your little nephew, gosh, such a tiny wee dot he is :-)

  5. He's grown! You can really see it. Technology is a wonderful thing.

    Love your feathers, and those quilts all look warm and snuggly - maybe it's because it's such a chilly evening.

    I have only quilted as I went once, and there were many rude words involved.....

  6. Let's just say that one of my projects I'm sorta working on is unpicking half of a quilt as you go project... no, not my thing! And hasn't that little boy grown! Great to see him tucked up under his quilt.

  7. awww, so sweet, didn't read the story about the baby, but I can only guess.

  8. Qio;t as you go works great with no long arm - but I'd much rather have a long arm smile.

    Glad the wee fella is doing well, and his quilt is wrapping him up with warmth and love.

  9. All the quilts are beautiful, I love the one from the Primitive magazine and your quilting is lovely. Perhaps you could give advice on washing quilts one day? :) Glad to hear your nephew is doing well, looks so cute snuggled under his quilt.

  10. Love your quilting on those gorgeous quilts!
    Bubby looks so snuggly and loved under his very own quilt :)

  11. Oh Megan will enjoy what you have done on her quilts,loving the feathers, and good to see she finished the spool one. Great to see baby improving and he looks very snuggly under your quilt xxxxx

  12. Lovely quilting Leeanne, really makes Megans quilts perfect. What a little guy, he sure must have been teeny when he was born, glad to hear he is doing well.