Monday, July 8, 2013

customer quilt & another productive Sunday.

I am delighted to have Diane as another one of my new customers.
Diane wanted an all over meander through the middle of the quilt, then something a bit fancier on the border. I love the colours of this quilt.
Over cotton batting I used Madeira & Gunold threads for the meander, straight lines on the sashing & the hook feather on the border.
Diane was delighted when she picked up the quilt other day, she said was going to use the red for binding & it was going over the back of her lounge suite.
Enjoy Diane!

I managed to have another productive Sunday. On Thursday I picked up this months Sewing Essential Project from The Country Yard. So far I have been making two of everything.
A block holder, scissor fob & mini pincushion, arm chair husiff, clam shell case, & rotary cutter case.

Don't ya love these fabrics? If you click on the photo you will see I have a CD in the base ( under the pincushion ) as I need to get another tile. The tile is what is used to weight the whole creation!
My second one..................

Tee hee........don't ya love it when your photo's go Topsy Turvy.....................................
The thread catcher on this one I put a slippery fabric for the lining of the bag & used RicRac & Velcro as I can take the bag off the empty the thread & the odd chocolate wrapping!

Wishing you all a happy & productive week!


  1. Diane's quilt is lovely. The red border will be nice.Good on you with your sewer projects (hehe), a detachable bag is a good idea :-)The upside down back to front and inside out photo is very hard case!!

  2. I love the fabrics in the quilt & yes I think the red binding will just finish it off perfectly :-)
    Love your thread catchers Leeanne ... glad you had another productive Sunday. Keep up the great work x0x

  3. That is a very rich collection of fabrics--great depth. Nice quilting. Hooked feather is another one on my list of "feathers to practice" this year.
    What fun sewing essential. I always run into trouble when I try to do two of everything. I fall behind and can't always even get one done. Good on you for keeping up!

  4. Love the fabrics Diane's used - it'll be a beauty with red binding. And don't your thread catchers look great hanging off your Singer?!

  5. Love the colours in Dianes quilt and of course the quilting!! Have yet to sew my thread catcher but will get onto it! Loving the Topsy Turvy photo.....Hugs Kerry

  6. Diane's quilt is lovely and I love your thread catchers and pin cushions. Love the different fabrics you used, nice that you had such a lovely Sunday!

  7. Tiles $1.00 each from Arthurs Emporium!! All projects look great!!