Sunday, March 16, 2014

Quilts, quilts & more quilts part three!!!

Ok, ok.............this IS a quilting blog, so I guess you are going to get lots of quilts! A few posts back I gave you the above sneak peek, a bit mean of me wasn't it! Well it's nice to have a few surprises. I have been working away in secret on a new BOM for The Shop . Now I can show you where I am up to so far.

This lovely design by Gail Pan called "A Merry Christmas Garden".
 It is a six month BOM. Here you see four months, I have finished month five & nearly month six, then I can piece the six blocks together & put the borders on & find someone to quilt it for me LOL!!
Kerryn & I had a fun trip to a couple of fabric warehouses to choose fabrics. I used the Apliquick needle turn tools & appliqué paper endorsed & given to me by Lynette Anderson for all the appliqué. See here for my blog post about these tools.
Another secret I nearly forgot about was the Lynette Anderson "Sewing Friends Cushion".

We have made several kits up of this cute cushion using the fabrics shown called "Mending Fences" by Lynette.

Right that is all The Country Yard quilts, cushions & quilting I had part in for now! I am up to date with all of them..............................well there is another that has just come through the doors to be quilted, but it isn't a secret, so when it's done I can show you!

Now here is one I finished for Cat a couple of weeks ago, this too was a secret for a wee bit until Cat had put the binding on & given to a special friend. See Cat's blog post about this lovely gift here.

Cat asked to please have an all over design on the scrappy star then, her words "work your magic on the white".

So using gunold poly thread I quilted loops & stars in the scrappy Star. The for the white I let the feathers take over! All this over cotton batting.
Some straight lines on the border & I was done.


That's one for you quilt back lovers!
Next time I have caterpillars, butterflies, flowers, geisha girls, a thought provoking panel quilt & teddy bears! but maybe not all in the same post! OR the same quilt!

The last photo, just cause......................................


  1. What a fun Christmas quilt!
    And I love that pillow.
    Oh, my! Your feathering just makes that quilt shine!! Lovely!

  2. Gosh you sure have been busy Leeanne - do you ever sleep??? I love them all & love the cushion too. I can imagine those kits will sell quickly. Very, very much love the fabrics/colours in the first quilt
    I enjoyed reading Cats post about the quilt for her friend too ... great post.

  3. Love, love, love that star! I've seen lots of that pattern made up (the name escapes me) but I think that one is my favourite. I think the border makes it....and the quilting of course ;)

  4. LOVE the scrappy star! Your quilting sure makes it POP

  5. Your quilting is definitely magic!!

  6. I saw the Star quilt on Cat's blog and thought it had turned out so well - great teamwork!!! Very exciting that you have done 6 months of your BOM - it's gorgeous!!!

  7. Your Gail Pan quilt is gorgeous and your quilting on Cat's quilt is amazing! You have been so busy!!

  8. Love those feathers on the Made In Cherry Star quilt. Very modern. Or abstract. Or fresh. Or just plain cool!

  9. Wow - beautiful beautiful quilts and quilting :) Stunning Leanne - your quilting on the star quilt is amazing - and ditto what Julie says - do you ever sleep :):)

  10. Another Gail Pan beauty, I've been seeing a few of these blocks around and it is lovely! Cat's quilt is amazing, the quilting on the star and the white really is magic!! Next time I send one to you that will be my request too.... work your!!