Friday, March 14, 2014

quilts, quilts & more quilts part two

First up.........
 A class sample. This is one of those wonderful Buggy Barn 'whack n' stack' quilts. Kerryn made her sample using reproduction fabrics. I had fun quilting this one. (August 2013, is how long this one was in hiding for our New Years launch!) A few different quilting things this time..........................

                                                   A few echoing swirls & boxy feathers.

Raewyn made the other class sample, if you fancy, pop over to her blog to see that one too!

Next up...............................................

A block of the month, a Birdhouse design called 'My Garden'. A combination of piecing, English paper piecing (hexagons) & stitcheries.


You will notice I have pinned the attached binding back to the carpet so you can see the border. Once again the bindings were kindling stitched down by some of The Country Yard fairies.
Kerryn used Aurifil 12 weight threads for the stitcheries. If you haven't tried these threads you don't know what you are missing! Scrumolishous!

The second photo shows the centre of the quilt, stars. I simply 'orange peeled' them & some cross-hatching.

The last one of this quilt is for you back lovers.

The last few weeks at the shop, we have sold the last of some older BOM's, so this meant for me I could bring some of my quilts home!

This one, 'Homecoming Lane' is a Gail Pan design was made as a BOM for the shop back here. Looks quite nice on my bed.
But then yesterday after four years I got to bring this beauty home! Seemed like a changing of the guard was called for!

This is a Sue Daley design called 'Under the Southern Stars'. English paper piecing & applique. I made this quilt in only eight months, amazing what a self induced deadline will get accomplished! See my blog post about this one.
Lots of photo's in this post I know. Next time I will show you the another new BOM I have been working on.

 Until then, be kind to yourself, for you are your own best friend!


  1. you my friend are crazy busy!! Beautiful work!! Love all of it... ~k :)

  2. Leeanne, you do such beautiful work! I don't know where to start! I enlarged and studied the photos. How do you know what to quilt where? It always seems just right.
    Love the barn quilt. And the one on your bed now--gorgeous!!

  3. "Under the Southern Stars" looks perfect on your bed Leeanne. It. Is great your quilt is now it's rightful place.

  4. I love the rich colours of Homecoming Lane on your bed, but with Spring around the corner here (I guess the opposite for you!) the Under the Southern Stars looks equally beautiful. You've done such lovely work on all the quilts. When quilts you worked on a year or two ago get to come home it must feel like you are rediscovering them all over again :)

  5. Wow - so much eye candy Leeanne. I love the muted tones of the reproduction fabrics in the first quilt but I also love the colour combinations in the 2nd one. I agree with Janet - what you quilt on them always seems just right :-)
    You will be pleased to have 2 more quilts at home - 2 quite different looks for your bedroom there - love them both & can "help you out" should you not have a Home for any of them !!!!!!!! Happy weekend to you x0x

  6. Leeanne, UTSS looks fabulous on your bed - what a happy homecoming for it!! You know already of course that I love the quilting that you did on the other two quilts for the shop :-)

  7. Isn't that barn quilt just great fun? I love those buggy barn patterns. Both of the quilts look terrific on your bed... you'll have to start a rotation :0)

  8. I am looking forward to bringing the new quilts on your blog home to my house one day!! USSS does look rather stunning on the bed (sorry to echo what all your other lovely friends have said). Hugs

  9. Oh what delightful eye candy...loved them all!

  10. I'm one of those that loves looking at the back of quilts, it shows the extra design element that the quilting can add. I've never really been tempted by block of the months - except for the Beneath the Southern Skies. Such a classic quilt and it looks really really good on the bed.

  11. Love them all, but I highly favor the quilt with houses on them. It is so clever to put a quilt block on the side of the house. Nice work!

  12. Hi Leeanne, love all that you work on, but especially like Under the Southern Stars on the bed!! And so glad you got to take it home xxx

  13. Love, love, love those barns, they are awesome. The quilts you've been able to bring home again are stunning, Gail and Sue's designs are always lovely and your versions of the quilts are beautiful...