Saturday, July 12, 2014

sewing with a friend

When nature gives you bucket loads of rain, what's a girl to do? Sew of course!
  Kerryn & I had organised a sewing day sometime ago, but as we all know life gets in the way sometimes.
Anyhow friends, yesterday was the day. I stopped on the way to grab us both a nice coffee from a local Cafe, then we set to work on our samples for an upcoming class.

My sample will be from my favourite fabric : Kansas Troubles & Kerryn is using her favourite too : French General. Kerryn & Raewyn came back with some lovely new treats from Spring Market in America, so this sewing day was founded on doing something with a new gadget & book. Something a little different, but fun. I will show you more when I can, until then you will have to settle for the teasers I have plonked here for you all!!

The sun is now out in all it's glory, but boy did we have heavy rain last night! Although I am a winter lover, it is nice to have the sun on me, it has re-vitalised me.


  1. Good to hear that the sun is shining for you again in Northland :-)

  2. Hmmm...interesting :)
    Love both fabrics.

  3. OOh Leeanne you are such a tease!! :D Glad the sun is out for you, it's not here although I'd rather have this weather than what you poor buggers have had! Love the last pic :D

  4. Glad to see you both had a great day sewing together. You are a tease though. I look forward to the class.

  5. I sure hope all that rain dries up or goes away, but where I don't know. Saw how flooded it is up your way on the news. My ironing board is used to groom my Oscar (small dog) on as it is the perfect height, but I must confess I may try the surfing without rollers as I don't have any!!!

  6. Ironing boards will never be the same now!!!

  7. You have definitely dangled the carrot in front of our noses!
    That last picture is a hoot! : )

  8. Wonderful pictures.
    Here too much rain as well.
    In three days as much rain as in 3 normal summer months.

    Perhaps your lady on the ironing board will make it go away. :)

    Brigitte from Belgium

    I also made a few things due to the heavy rain, have a look:

  9. Yes some very interesting looking "samples" you are creating there Leeanne ... rainy days are certainly great for sewing :-) And I loved the last picture ... if only . . . .

  10. Yay for sewing days! It would be nice to see the sun now and again wouldn't it! Sounds like you are making the most of it regardless :)

  11. hehe with the caffeine funny! Sounds like you two had a productive day - looking good, wink wink