Thursday, August 7, 2014

Loose Change & a gift from me

Sharing another 'Loose Change' quilt with you & a chance to receive a gift from me (more on that soon).
This is Kerryn's version of 'Loose Change', made using French General fabrics. A few weeks ago Kerryn & I had a sewing day to make some shop samples, see here. Remember my version of this lovely quilt?

                                              The same but different!

My quilt had simple cross hatching, whereas with Kerryn's I stitched a quarter inch either side of the seams, a feather on the half square triangle corner stones and curling ribbon on the border, using a Gunold variegated thread.

                               A lovely cream backing to show off the quilting.
                          The class for making this quilt is coming in September.

Now last but not least, my gift to you!. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . .
Have you noticed my newly made over blog? Did you see I have a 'grab button'? Well if you are willing to put this button on your blog I will give you 10% off the next quilt you commission me to quilt!
Also on my Facebook page I am having some gift giving too! Pop over & like my page to go in the draw!


  1. I would never have figured these quilts were from the same pattern, or maybe I should say "concept".
    I especially like the feather corner. I need to try those.

  2. Me too i would not of guessed at first glance these quilts were the same pattern. Love your new look - off to meet you on facebook. And I'm more than happy to put a button on my blog for you. I love your quilting!!!

  3. Just amazing how the different fabrics can create such different looks Leeanne - love them both. I also really like the name of the pattern ... Loose change.
    Your new look blog is just beautiful - I shall grab your button (as soon as I remember how to!!!) You should be really pleased with the lovely style of your blog my friend :-)

  4. ooooo very flash layout! I'm definitely grabbing your button! ;) And the quilt is super lovely! Amazing how different the same pattern can look in another person's hands?

  5. Lovely layout Leeanne.
    Love the quilts, wish I lived closer to you, I love your feathers...corners get me lost and messy all the time.
    Julia ♥

  6. Great to see the finished quilt..don't that border and the cornerstones work well?

  7. Love the new layout. I would be happy to put your button on my blog- discount or not!

  8. Ooh so many quilts, so little time :D I'll put your button on luv xx

  9. Hey love the new look for your blog, fresh and and happy looking if that makes sense, and also like Loose Change (both of them) and oh so different as many have said. Hugs xxxx

  10. I agree with Kerryn, it looks very fresh and clean - but also everything that makes your craft you! I love the font for your header.

  11. Really lovely Leeanne. Love the quilting. :-)