Sunday, September 14, 2014

Antique lace and a mystery quilt

Hello friends and readers, nice to have you stop by!
Barbara has been busy finishing quilts ready for Christmas presents, she knows to get her quilts to her quilter nice and early!
Barbara attended another class at The Country Yard some months back to make this beautiful quilt.

Barbara has used some exquisite laces and doiley's, some her grandmother had made, some from her own wedding dress, many she didn't have the heart to cut up, so she kept them whole and will add antique buttons and beads to hold those areas of quilt together.

Barbara chose her favourite batting, bamboo/cotton. I used a soft beige Madeira thread to 'doodle', loops, feathers, hearts and flowers. The quilt measures : 76" x 76". Barbara tells me she will add some hand embroidery as another embellishment.

Oh my, I see some feathers escaped out onto the border!!! Thank goodness Barbara likes my feathers!

The outer cornerstones received some swirled feathers in a contrasting thread.
You might remember several weeks back I quilted Joanne's Anitque Lace quilt, see here. Also, here for the class sample.
 Now a couple of 'out in the garden' photo's.

Thanks you Barbara, the family member receiving this stunning quilt will cherish it for sure, what a special family heirloom.

Next up is a quilt I quilted for Kerryn at The Country Yard. Friday night was one of her famous 'midnight madness' classes. The following quilt was what the ladies made on the evening.
I understand lots of fun and laughter were had, along with a few silly antics!

I used Jamie Wallen's all over simple swirl in a variegated Gunold thread in goldish/cream tones, over cotton batting, this quilt measures 64" x 64". Finished off with a curling ribbon on the border.

Thank you Kerryn.

Here in New Zealand we are starting spring, here in Northland however, we are experiencing rain! So much it seems. I had two days this week of sort-of-fineish weather when I should have got out and mowed the lawn, but I just procrastinated about the job and continued quilting my clients quilts. The ground is very wet outside and today has a chill in the air. I did scoot out to take a couple of photo's of a few things that are blooming in my garden.

 This glorious Magnolia, I just adore the colour. We are so happy that this tree is flowering as it was one we transplanted a couple of months back. Not so much joy for our Kowhai tree, it seems it has passed away. (insert sad face)

This wee ground cover is so happy, with it's tiny mauve flowers and cheerfulness and memories of my Mum in her better days, gardening away the day. This was a plant she always had in her garden, not sure of the name? Never the less it's my 'Mum's' plant.

Wishing you all a happy Sunday wherever you are, no matter the weather, enjoy the day!


  1. Good morning Leeanne. Gosh what a beautiful stunning quilt Barbara has made - she should be very proud, it is just gorgeous & what a lucky recipient, I could not bear to give that away. Some beautiful vintage laces & doilies in there. Your ground cover is called Kenilworth Ivy & will grow rampantly everywhere but is easy to just pull out too. Should you ever manage to kill it off, I have plenty down here I can give you !!!!!! Happy Sunday to you x0x

  2. Barbara's quilt is stunning in soooo much detail! Wow! and of course your quilting on both is perfection :) Loving all the flowers and blooms we are getting too - They are so uplifting! the colour on the magnolia is stunning! Hope you have a lovely Sunday :)

  3. Barbara's quilt and your quilt are both stunning. Your Magnolia is gorgeous, my late parents' had one in their garden and I have two miniatures in my garden in their honour/memory. Love your Mum's plant. Just made four batches cup cakes for family memer's funeral, so, I can now sit and stitch

  4. What a stunning quilt. Gorgeous! Such a lovely happy post.

  5. Looking for ideas for quilting my applique borders - might just have to steal a few :o) although I'm a bit hesitant about doing random fillers.

  6. Wow! What a stunning quilt Barbara has the lace and doilies and your quilting is just amazing..the other quilt is beautiful too. Love the colour in the magnolia!

  7. I have some of that 'mums plant' growing in my garden, and it grows rampantly to, in fact I thought it was a 'WEED'!! I shall stop pulling it out. This is not the first time I have pulled plants that I presumed to be weeds because of the abundance of them in my garden, to then only find it being sold in a garden centre. Now, I am in love with that first quilt with the doilies and lace on it, very very beautiful. Hope the owner has no pets, I know mine would love to sleep on something as fabulously beautiful even with dirty paws!! Bad pets, bad!! Lovely garden photos, see you are liking Spring and "you will enjoy summer" OK?

  8. Such amazing quilting and beautiful quilts. Both so different and so gorgeous. Your magnolia is lovely, spring certainly is the best time in the garden.

  9. Beautiful quilt Barbara has made hope I get to see it. Love the quilting well done to both of you.

  10. It was lovely to see Barb's quilt in real life, just love that it has so much history in it, and the quilting on it. The further embellishing she will do wll be lovely, I bet. Yes, the mystery quilt class was a fun night! Your Magnolia is a gorgeous colour, I need to do some scheming so I can buy another Magnolia or two - oh where to put them?!

  11. I like your feathers too. They look so great on that quilt.

  12. Wow - exquisite quilt - and love love love the feather quilting - it's absolutely gorgeous :)xx

  13. The first quilt is truly a masterpiece Leeanne & you have quilted it so perfectly... love the colours of the 2nd quilt too, & the pics of them both are so stylish!