Thursday, September 11, 2014

preserving love..........................

This post is all about preserving love! A couple of months back Cat asked me if I could please quilt a very special quilt for her. If you know Cat like I do, LOTS of the quilts she makes are special and for very special people. She makes the quilts either entirely by herself or with the help of others. This is not the first quilt I have quilted for Cat for such a purpose. See here  for two such quilts, but one of the most heart warming ones of all was the one made for Tracy.

Anyhow, this quilt was a joint effort, but the 'engine' behind it was Cat! When Cat heard Linda was in need she went to work. Read more how this gift of love started over on Cat's blog.

Linda has said some really nice things about my quilting, so when asked to quilt for her, also a professional quilter, I did feel I had some BIG boots to fill! Her quilting rocks!
I stuck with simple straight lines, some swirls and knowing you can rarely go wrong with feathers that's what I did.

I used Matilda's Own wool/poly batting and my usual Madeira threads. This quilt measures 40" x 48"

Loving the vintage sheet Cat sent up for backing!

Another example of preserving love is the recent restoration of a 1950's pram cover. June bought this lovely wool embroidered pram cover to me to see if I would restore it to it's former glory. The satin edging was worn, stained and rather tatty. After some mixed wires I got there in the end.

I suggested that maybe a label would be a nice touch so the history of this cover didn't get lost through being handed through the generations. June gave me a vintage doiley made by a family member. Only problem was the doiley was quite small for all the information June had given me. After several attempts on paper I managed to document the pram cover history.

Thank you ladies!
I have a few more quilts finished, just waiting the OK to do a blog post to share them with you.

Thanks for stopping by both here and on Facebook...........happy creating!


  1. Such a lovely post not to mention beautiful quilts x

  2. I always love seeing your quilting up close! It inspires me. : )
    That doily makes a beautiful label. Good for you, getting that history preserved!

  3. Hiya Leeanne, just popped over & read Cats post about the quilt. Just gorgeous, what a wonderful gift. Love your quilting on both items & adore that doiley label. x0x

  4. Beautiful quilting Leeanne! Great to see it up close like that.
    I am off to read Cats post.

  5. What a great use of a doily!
    Have a fabulous weekend up there in the Winterless north!!

  6. Gorgeous quilting on the quilt Leeanne - perfect and I'm sure Linda will feel it's perfect! The label on the pram cover is super sweet too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)