Sunday, March 22, 2015

A yummy sampler................................

                                 Tadaaaaa................... Pam's sampler quilt all finished!

                          With a few guide lines from Pam of what she liked I set to work.

                           Some simple quilting treatments..............................

With sampler quilts custom quilting is the best way to go in my humble opinion. I have yet to be asked to quilt an all over design on a sampler quilt.

If you have been following (or stalking!) my blog you will have seen a number of sampler quilts featured. The sampler quilt seems like a great starter quilt as well as a nice refresher for the seasoned quilter.

Pam has made her quilt wider rather then longer to accommodate the quilt draping over the sides of the bed.
Her quilt measures 89" x 94" with Bamboo batting and quilted with maderia threads.

I partially chalked out the spine of the feather on the outer border, but other than that all the feathers are free motioned. Because the side borders are wider this required me to play with the feathers to get them to fill the space.

Thank you Pam for allowing me to quilt for you!

On a completely different subject...................... I went tramping in the Russell State Forrest (Bay of Islands, northland NZ) perhaps you will enjoy a few photo's..........................................

We live in pure paradise! Two hours walking up stream, the joy of our native Fantail swooping and chirping to greet us and the odd place in the stream that was hip deep! Part of the tramp included a small 'settlement'.

Complete with an aging caravan. Then further along the tramp a spot for a rustic privy!

Everyone that needed the privy used the bush instead!! haha..............the bush was more inviting then a smelly long drop with lacy spiderwebs and no door!

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at what I do and love and enjoy sharing with you.


  1. You sure do live in a lovely spot, even I could be enticed into going for a walk. The old long drop dunny, we had one at the beach. Wooden loo seat had a crack in it that would pinch your bum, how I remember!
    PS: Jugs on!!

  2. What a nice job you've done on that quilt!!! I love that you showed us each one. and the walk looks wonderful!!!

  3. Pam's quilt was gorgeous and now even more gorgeous! You're a star!
    Beautiful photo's of the Russell State Forest! you live in such a beautiful country, oh, I want to go back!
    Bot the privy, I also would like to go in the bush!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  4. Gorgeous quilt - love the tramping photos too.

  5. Love the quilt and your gorgeous quilting is the perfect finishing touch.
    Ah the old Thunder Box.....yes spiders love to hide in there, it would be the bush for me too.
    Beautiful scenery.

  6. Love the quilting Leanne, those bush walks look divine, haven't we got great scenery in NZ

  7. Pams sampler quilt is beautiful Leeane, love all the reds. Your tramp looks most wonderful, a beautiful place to visit. Not too sure about that loo though ... bit dodgy. Think I would prefer the bush :-)

  8. You've done a lovely job of the quilting! I could use you standing over my shoulder giving me ideas.

    Lovely place for tramping--I vote for the bushes, too!! : )

  9. What a beautiful quilt...your quilting makes it an heirloom! Loved the tramping photos...miss the NZ bush and to be accompanied by a lovely!! Think I would vote for the bush too!!

  10. oh the quilting on the sampler is divine! Gorgeous work Leanne :) and hoorah for lovely outdoor adventures!

  11. Your quilting looks beautiful Leeanne!!!!!

  12. Lovely quilting Leeanne... and lovely photos of your tramp. You sure are getting all over the place in your tramping adventures.

  13. Pam will be so pleased with the quilt, Leeanne - it's gorgeous :-) Your tramping trip sounds lovely; think I would have avoided the longdrop too!

  14. How beautiful! I love how you have quilted the sampler! Your trip sounds fun. :)