Thursday, April 30, 2015

Custom and all over quilting designs and a video

                                  Hi there thinkers, dreamers and lovers of all things fabric!
                                          First up today is a custom quilting job for Pat.

This a design by England Street Quilts called "Summer at the Beach". Pat asked if I could please custom quilt this black, white and red beauty for her.

I did so by starting off with stitching in the ditches, then I moved on to straight lines and pebbles. This was a time consuming procedure, but so worth it.

                If you are interested I made a short (5 minutes) video of how I quilted this block.
My machine a is hand guided long arm (no computers). For the straight lines I used stitch regulated and for the pebbles I used my motor speed, which is like free motion quilting on your domestic machine - you are controlling the length of your stitches.
                         For your viewing pleasure I even managed to add some fancy music!

                                Next is a quilt with an all over quilting design (edge to edge).
                              Trimmed and photographed ready for me to attach the binding.

This is Rossie's second quilt, very simple but so sweet. I have quilted meandering butterflies in a beigey thread, the name of the thread is a sweet one : mothergoose.

Rossie tells me she purchase the middle fabric on a trip to Japan last year, then a friend helped her come with a pleasing design. Rossie plans to add some vintage doilies and laces to this pretty quilt.

A reasonably productive week, I hope to have the same desirable results at our annual retreat this weekend!
Sue, this next photo is to keep you happy! This is Simon (aka 'The Supervisor) having a lovely sleep on the sofa between me and my Mr.


  1. Beautiful as always!!! I am so glad you quilt on a Gammill now! I must have missed it when you switched over.

  2. I agree, beautiful as usual. Love the pebble quilting

  3. Simon you little spunk muffin, how are you??? Looking pretty comfy there boy!! Nice quilts Leeane, noted some frilly dilly going on.

  4. Gosh, 2 very different quilts, both lovely in their own special way. It doesn't look like The Supervisor is doing much supervising - he looks very content and spoilt though! (The Pohutakawa fabric in 'summer atthe beach' is quite fitting, isn't it? I guess it was quite intentional?)

  5. Beautiful quilts Leeanne, thanks for the video - I enjoyed that. I honestly did not know that is how your long arm machine works. I think the only one I have seen before must've been computerised. You sure look like you have a good flow going there. Simon is gorgeous - I worry about that stressful life he leads at your house !!!!!! Have a great weekend at Retreat :-)

  6. Fabulous work as always, love the first one and pebbles are a fav of course, your machine and you make it all look so easy but I could just imagine any pebble I tried would cross over like the olympic symbols for sure...LOL

  7. What a stunner of a quilt! Thanks for posting the video - wish I could quilt circles with such ease!

  8. Your pebbling is great--I have not become friends with that design yet. : )
    Love the butterflies meandering across that quilt.

  9. Woohoo! Go you Mumma Bear getting all fancy with your videos! xx

  10. Pebbles... make me weak at the knees. Lovely work. :)

  11. How lovely to see you while you're making pebbles! You're a star!!! Stunning quilts!
    Happy quilting, Cisca