Monday, October 19, 2015

another scrappy Sunday...........................

Hello and welcome! Sharing another scrappy Sunday, after the bulk of the day was spent tramping in the Pukenui Forest I did manage to finish the scrappy quilt for one of my nieces. First a couple of photo's of the tramp, then the quilt!

Beautiful Kauri trees, fungi growing on fallen logs, streams, so much to take in, there is beauty everywhere!

Lunch time I lay on my back looking up at the trees and listening to the birds...........................

Some trampers almost power walk through the bush, not me! I like to take time just soaking it all in, stopping when something catches my eye......which is often!

I am quite happy with how this quilt turned out. Now I just need to make a scrappy backing, plenty of purplish pieces of fabrics that can be hauled from from my stash and into a backing.

After a restful rejuvenating Sunday it's back to work for this quilter! Just finishing off the stitchery quilt you may have seen sneak peeks on Facebook then onto another applique quilt that needs some custom treatment.

Wishing you a happy week............................


  1. Looks like a smashing forest walk! I covet your wisteria bush!!! I have four in our garden but all climbing or should I say rambling as they weren't pruned last year, however the scent is delicious. I shall be interested to see how you quilt the latest one in the post.

  2. LOVE the fungi photo
    and OMG that scrappy quilt and the wisteria in the back ground
    I do love a good scrappy quilt

  3. That sure looks a beautiful tramp Leeanne, I think I wouldve laid on my back & just listened to the birds too. Some wonderful scenery photos. Your neices quilt is looking lovely - I remember you saying she loved purple.

  4. would love to walk in the forest what a great way to spend the day. Scrappy quilt looks super and I really like the subtle colours in the other quilt too

  5. What a gorgeous place for a walk!
    Yuor purple scrap quilt is very eye-catching. Really like the way you have framed the blocks.

  6. Nothing like a walk in the woods to help you appreciate nature. Scrappy quilts are the best

  7. Wonderful photos here and great stitching. I, too, love to lie on the ground below a tree and enjoy the view up through the beautiful

  8. Bush looks lovely. I have to admit I'm not a stroller through the bush and yes my sister tells me I miss so much! Love the quilt for your niece and look forward to seeing how you quilt the applique top.
    Love the border quilting you are doing on the stitchery quilt-sneak peek on Facebook.