Thursday, October 29, 2015


Hello readers and friends, today's first sprinkling of eye candy is a small Christmas wall hanging I made as a sample for The Country Yard. It's called Snow Buddies by Bird Brain Designs.

I used Cottage Garden Thread ~ 'Hugs & Kisses' for the snowmen and women and two different Lynette Anderson fabrics from two of her ranges. The pattern calls for these cute stitcheries to be made into oval tree decorations, but I decided on a wall hanging instead.

Still on the Christmas theme...............................

A design by Susan Martin ~ "Suzn Quilts" called A Merry Christmas to you. Lots of iddy biddy SID. Kerryn is a fan of cross hatching over her stitcheries and asked for this once again.

Lots of cute little Dresdens! Star blocks, nine patch blocks and pinwheel blocks also came in the size small!

Piecing, applique, stitching makes for a nice mix. The quilt measures 47" x 44" a nice wall hanging size for next Christmas, unless of course you are a super fast quilt maker, then you could have it made for this Christmas! Available as a Block of the Month or as a kit from The Country Yard.

Next is a quilt Janette made using all her beachy fabrics then asked me to quilt 'Marmalade' an all over design (edge to edge).

Janette loved the idea of having a picnic quilt to be kept in the car, great for a stop at the beach with fish & chips for dinner on a summer evening.

I remembered to take a photo of the scrummy thread I used, Fantastico (I like to say that with an Italian accent, it sounds more exotic!)  called 'playhouse'.

Yesterday morning out walking I took another photo of my new neighbour, soooooo cute! Back soon with more quilts and quilting to share.


  1. I don't know how you get so much done Leeanne, they are lovely. Really love the christmas one

  2. Gorgeous quilts, I especially love the Christmas ones!

  3. Amazing quilts the Christmas one. Your neighbour is super cute!!!

  4. great variety of Christmas quilts here, especially love the snowman one, nearly bought the pattern at the harrogate quilt show, have been doing the Home and Heart one by Bird Brain love their designs

  5. I really like the Snow Buddies as a little quilt. Very cute.
    Merry Christmas to you is a delightful holiday piece. Love all of the little blocks. Thanks for the detail shots.
    Way back in the 90s I made a couple of quilt that we have kept in the car ever since. They come in SO handy--for picnics, for emergencies, and even just times on cold days when the car heater doesn't warm up fast enough! That is a very pretty thread you used. And definitely, say it with an accent. : )

  6. I saw you stitching those little snowmen I think :-) Kerryns christmas quilt is just amazing. I actually really like the cross hatching through the stitcheries - its all gorgeous.

  7. Well those beauties have started my day off nicely....clever girl!

  8. Beautiful Christmas quilts. Thanks for sharing. The crosshatch is perfect on the stitchery.

  9. Such a lovely Xmas quilt. I do not subscribe until December, on the 1st I erect and decorate our tree, and that is as Xmassy as I get!!

  10. Can't believe it's nearly that time of year already..
    Beautiful quilting as always.
    Love the second quilt.

  11. Fab work of course! Though that thread! Scrumptious!