Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas quilts and decorating.

Today I have spent some time looking at some Christmas quilts I have quilted in the past, some are mine others are made by my lovely customers.
First to make an appearance is a Round Robin quilt that Jenny had me quilt back in 2009. I love the long slender snowman with the buttoned front.

                      A Buggy Barn Christmas present quilt, as sample for The Country Yard.

The following quilt was made by my own hand back in 2008 and gifted to a family with four young children. I have lost touch with them, I wonder if they still have the quilt to enjoy over the festive season?

Another one of mine, made a few years back, a Gail Pan design. This year I have this quilt draped over my log fire (no fire's going this time of the year here in New Zealand)

Cat's Christmas sampler, from memory this quilt graces one of her children's beds over Christmas.

Lynette Anderson's Snow Ball Fun quilt. I was very excited and humbled when Lynette asked me to quilt for her!

                                                   Marcelle's Christmas jelly roll quilt.

                                      Marcelle's Christmas present quilt under my apple tree.

             Lois' Christmas tree quilt, the trees have since been embellished with trims and buttons.

                                 My "Merry Christmas Garden".....a Gail Pan design.

                Marcelle's "Twas the Night Before Christmas"................a Hugs & Kisses deisgn.

                                               "Noel".................  a design by The Country Yard.

                                                 Another Country Yard exclusive quilt.

Maree's "Scandinavian Christmas" .............another design by Lynette Anderson.

More recently from Maree, "Merry Merry Snowmen"............a Bunny Hill design.

My Christmas Fun, this was one of Lynette Anderson's button mystery quilts.

Do you have many Christmas quilts? Have you been fortunate to be given a Christmas quilt? I haven't put the tree up this year except for my tiny one, it it about 8" tall. This tree has the little decorations I have been given. I have since added another that I was given.

                      My log fire is hidden by Christmas quilts, cat's, dolls, reindeer and Santa's.

A little nook that was calling out to be Christmasyfied! My eldest daughters cane chair that was given to her by my Mum is the perfect resting place for the Santa my pal Julie made me.

Lastly my snowman collection......................................I love these guys, they make me smile!

I have a snowmen table runner, a snowman on a penny farthing, a peppermint s.m, two wooden s.m, a s.m holding a Christmas tree and a very musical s.m playing what other than icicles!
Are you decorating for Christmas? I would love to see if you are sharing via a blog or Facebook, share your link in the comment section ~ along with your comment :-)


  1. That was just lovely looking at those beautiful quilts. Love your decorating especially your Snowman collection and that gorgeous group of 3 Santas *sigh*

  2. A verrry christmassy post thank you Leeanne ... all the quilts are beautiful ... so much work in them all. Your Christmas decorating is beautiful .. can see a few creations there I recognise.

  3. You have quilted a lot of Christmas quilts.
    Thanks for sharing you decor. Very cozy!

  4. what an amazing collection of quilt you have shared today. I do not have a Christmas quilt but have this year made a table runner, 4 table mats and 4 mug rugs so getting there slowly!

  5. A super collection of Christmas Quilts , and displayed beautifully. Enjoy the season, I haven't done a tree, a light, or a decoration, Maybe I can find some pine cones, and red ribbon tomorrow, and I have a wee muffin tray Hugh made, perfect for the table.

  6. Yes !!! Both my children have Christmas quilts you quilted for them ... And I have a Christmas scrap vomit quilt ... I love Christmas fabric

  7. I adore the one with santa in his sleigh, and I am thinking that is the one you may have given away! I decorate a tree, and a little front door display on my tea wagon and that is it. Your Christmas decorations are divine by the way. Does Simon get decorated?

  8. I love the cane chair Santa and the 3 Santas on the floor!!! There are so many beautiful Christmas quilts!!

  9. Beautiful Christmas quilts colection Leeanne, so nice to look through. No Christmas quilts at my house or much decorating to be honest...maybe tomorrow!! Hoping to make a Christmas quilt this year. Love your Snowmen collection.

  10. Gorgeous Christmas quilts. I love the one that you gave away and hope it is still treasured. Love the Santas. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

  11. Love all these lovely Christmas quilts! I especially adore the one that you gifted to the family of 4 kids... I cant imagine they wouldn't use it! We dont have any Christmas quilts! One day I will get there, right after completing a Zebra quilt and Liezel's quilt! Christmas decorations and activities are in full feature here - we just love Christmas so! Merry Christmas xx

  12. What a generous person you are to gift such a beautiful quilt. May I ask if that was your own design or is it still available? Christmas quilts are my favorite. I have one on the foot of my bed year round. Your quilting is inspiring. Thanks for sharing.