Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More customer quilts............................

Welcome back, I remembered I hadn't shown two quilts that I had shared sneak peeks of on Facebook, so here we go.

First is Christine's "Stitchers Garden" quilt. Made at a class at The Apple Basket using many embroidery stitches on your machine. Christine asked for ditch stitching and a few areas with just straight lines, so there is no fancy quilting to show you!

All the blocks have embroidered backgrounds so even if Christine had wanted more quilting it would be limiting. See this post *here* and another* here* for two other Stitcher's Garden quilts made by some of my other customers, they are both quite different.

Once all the ditch stitching was completed, it was just a matter of quilting some straights lines on some of the sashings and the border.

Next is Raewyn's layer cake quilt.

Raewyn wanted an all over quilting design, she chose "Square Spirals" and a Glide thread called Mocha and Matilda's Own "Oh so Soft polyester batting.

Both of these quilts and Margaret's "Dear William" quilt will be on show at the Whangarei Patchworker's & Quilters exhibition in April.

You may have seen on Facebook that the chicken came back for another session in our garden. Apparently her name is "Fatso"......... so the chicken's owner told us. He, the owner, (8yrs old, going on 50yrs!) came around the other night asking if we had seen his chicken. My thoughts went to "Fatso's" well being, perhaps she has left home due to the terrible name she has had planted on her? Perhaps she feels due to her 'fatness' she needs to take up walking? By the way she is not fat, she is rather beautiful.


  1. Gorgeous and Gorgeous. So has Fatso gone back home?

  2. Love the quilts. Your quilting is great and what pleasure you must get from adding the finishing touch to these beautiful quilts.

  3. The simple ditch stitching emphasizes Christine's work. You do beautiful ditch stitching--not everyone is that careful.
    Oh, poor chicken. My grandpa was a chicken farmer and I spent a lot of time around chickens when I was young. I agree, that chicken is NOT fat. I enjoyed your reasons as to why Fatso had run away from home. : )

  4. More gorgeous quilts!! Fatso!! Pity you couldn't keep her, but having her visit is just as much fun, especially if she leaves you a thank you egg..

  5. Nice quilts and great quilting Leeanne. I had to laugh about your description of Fatso. I think you're right - what a name poor old chook!!

  6. Beautiful quilts and beautiful quilting! Poor fatso....what a name for such a pretty girl!

  7. Those blues in that top quilt are rather lovely fabrics Leeanne. Poor old fatso ... maybe she just realises she would have such a wonderful life at your house. Hope Simon doesnt come across her tho.

  8. Now there are no words to describe your masterful skill ...
    Every time I am ecstatic in front of these images , these fabulous quilt that will warm up so many home sweet home ...
    Fantastic !!!
    Good day my sweet friend and the next.
    A big hug and a kiss from the little Switzerland
    Love et bisous Ve

  9. I am not a blue lover but this blue quilt is beautiful. What a nice visitor to have maybe she will leave you an egg one day!

  10. Two beautiful quilts...hope Fatso is ok!!

  11. Both quilts are lovely, the blues are really pretty. The layer cake quilt is really effective, those fabrics are lovely too.