Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Naughts and Crosses"

That's the name of this quilt I made several weeks back. Made from a layer cake and a solid cream.

The layer cake is by Sandy Gervais for Moda, the range is called "Everlasting" which how I feel about my friend I have gifted this to.
Scroll through the quilting, label and binding process............................

Matilda's Own Wool batting would have to be my favourite batting, so nice to work with and it shows off the textures of the quilting brilliantly.

Some straight framing lines, 'scribbling' and pebbles add some delicious textures to keep your eye wandering over the quilt.
Can you spot my 'Amish' (AKA- humble block) block in the next photo?

I used a Glide thread for the swirls and loops in a colour called 'Bark' and the cream squares I used a cream Madeira thread.

I saw a photo on Pinterest which lead me to kelbysews blog, she had made this quilt, no mention of where the pattern came from, although I am supporter of buying patterns, there wasn't one to buy (not that I could track down). It was easy to add cream squares to the layer cake squares and trim! You see I made the flange binding again, here's the link for the tutorial if you missed last time.
Then there was the label, same heart felt saying as on some earlier quilts, this time drawn on a vintage doiley that my friend gifted me.

I have been keeping up with regular walks up and around Mt Parihaka as I am keen to take on the Tongariro Crossing again this year, so I have to keep up my fitness and it's just so lovely up there!

                                    Check out the view from the worth it!

                         That's a south/west view of Whangarei, looks amazing on a clear day.


  1. That quilt/quilting is stunning and I love love love the fabrics

  2. Love the backing on your quilt and the quilting, very nice. Agreed is a gorgeous view.

  3. What a great quilt pattern. Love the quilting and it took me awhile to work out the Amish block. What a great view from the top. I really enjoyed the Tongariro crossing walk when I did it a few years ago.

  4. Very lovely quilt for a lucky friend Leeanne - can see how it got its name too. I am unsure of the Amish block but thats due to my lack of quilting knowledge. You have quilted it beautifully as always.

  5. A great quilt pattern to show off your beautiful quilting, love what you've done in the squares.
    Good luck with your "training" for the Tongariro Crossing!

  6. such a lovely quilt and your quilting has added so much to its beauty, wonderful. Enjoy your raining, I am far too lazy!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful quilt and quilting Leeanne!! What a lovley place to you are ln the top of the world!!

  8. I love the quilting you have done on this top! Nice binding effect, too.
    Do you know how dense I feel that I can't find the humility block? : )
    Such a beautiful place to walk, and a magnificent view!!

  9. Hello dear friend, how many months away from everything and everyone ...
    Return to your pages is always a pleasure for the eyes but also for the heart ...
    Your works tufting are fabulous and you super talented ...
    A magnificent view and definitely relaxing places, lucky you!
    I wish you a beautiful week
    A hug and a big kiss
    Love et bisous Ve

  10. Gorgeous! Looks like a heartfelt quilted gift (try saying that 10 times at speed!). I'm sure it will be well appreciated and loved.