Thursday, November 24, 2016

Quilts of many colours.....................

Howdie, howdie, howdie! I am back from a nice break away visiting three of my kids in Australia. I spent the time chillin' out, playing dolls with my granddaughter and cooling off in the pool! We didn't really go sight seeing, but one night we went out for fish & chips and there is a 'commemoritive' walkway all about the Bee Gees, lots of history about them, huge wide screen TV with all their video's playing and some bronze statues.

see my granddaughters socks!

Now it's back to the quilting, the following two quilts I finished before I headed off my holiday. First is Jacki's 'Country Animals' quilt by The Birdhouse.

Jacki likes her quilting to be simple, she like the sample I quilted for The Country Yard - see *here*
This cheeky cow needed a quilted tail as well as all the animals needed eyes, to which I quilted.

The sheep got wool, the cow got nostrils as did the pigs, the pigs also received 'fuller figures' then a looping meander for the background.
Jacki wanted the recipients name to be quilted on the border.


Jacki always makes a superduper cool job of her backings! Checkout the appliqued chicken and sheep.

Next is Pam's 'decorator' quilt, made at a class at The Country Yard. Made from a bundle of fat quarters Pam treasured.

This quilt had all over quilting (edge to edge), the pattern is called 'Camellia's' and I used Glide thread in the colour 'Peacock'.

The pattern seemed to match up so well with all the pretty floral fabrics. The backing was a pretty pink.

Thanks to Jacki and Pam, enjoy your quilts!

On the airplane home I watched 'Coat of Many Colours', the story of Dolly Parton. Sweet movie, lots of lovely old quilts and of course Dolly's patchwork coat!


  1. How cool !!!I did not know you could quilt tails & nostrils Leeanne !!! Both lovely quilts. Your grandaughter is gorgeous ... it sure looks HOT over there. Have not seen Coat of Many Colours but I love Dolly Parton so must look out for it. x x

  2. Good grief ... just cried watching the trailer !!!!!

  3. sounds like you had a great time in Australia. So touching the video you shared must show it to my daughter Helen who is a massive fan of Dolly`s, nice quilting too

  4. I am with Julie...tears at the trailer, oh dear!!! Might have to watch that at home not in public!!!! Good to hear you had a good time with your family. Love the odd socks!! They are another two beautiful quilts, love how you have added the tail and body bits.

  5. I bought that country animals pattern back when my kids were still babies... ooops... one of those never finished projects lurking somewhere. Whenever I see a finished version it always put me to shame. Oh well, there is always "one day". I love the mismatched socks - it does make it heaps easier to get ready when you don't need to worry about finding two the same!

  6. I love that Camellia pattern. Must remember that if I am ever lucky enough to have a quilt quilted by someone other than me.

  7. Gorgeous photo of you and your grand-daughter - great that you had an awesome time. The quilts look great too - I saw Jacki's when she picked it up and it was lovely :-) I'll have to look out for that film when I'm flying next!

  8. I love those socks and so pleased she was allowed to wear her mismatched pair. Bet you had a ball with her and your kids.PS: SUMMER IS HERE!!!!