Friday, December 2, 2016

Another Fabulous Friday!

Howdie, howdie all, the summery weather sure is setting sail here in New Zealand. It's indeed a fabulous Friday, but that is also the name of today's featured quilt. Made by Lois as a Mystery sampler through The Country Yard

Lois liked how I had quilted Noeline's Fabulous Friday (see this post) but wanted her's to be a little different. You will notice some similar quilting designs but with a few different features, which makes it more interesting for me when I get three quilts the same design.

Over the years I have quilted many times for Lois and there is always a common theme either in the quilting requests and /or the fabric and it is cat's.............she LOVES them!

Abother common feature in Lois' quilts is her love of Lynette Anderson Fabrics. This quilt fits that section nicely.

                            Lois chose a swagged border which frames her quilt beautifully.

Here is a before and after photo and to echo Lois' words when she picked her quilt up: "Quilting really does make the quilt"......thank you Lois!

The 'before quilting'

The 'after quilting"


  1. Yes, another wonderful quilted finish. That swagged border is so good on the plain fabric.

  2. Beautiful Leeanne ... Lois has done a wonderful job with all those gorgeous Lynette Anderson fabrics. Yummy. She is right - quilting sure does just finish it off perfectly.

  3. Beautiful quilting as always Leeanne, I particularly love the swagged border quilting.

  4. gorgeous quilting as usual. Makes me sigh looking at it. (with envy after your machine and skills!!)

  5. Another great job. Always inspiring to see the magic you work on a quilt!

  6. What a difference your quilting makes, unbelievable! I didn't know Raewyn made the disign of this quilt, funny also to see what different colors and fabrics do..
    Fabulous quilting!!