Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Esther's Excellent Medallion

Hello and 'happy nearly mid week' time. We have had some crazy weather here in the winterless north. Hail the other night that turned our deck into a white winter wonderland! I was so excited!
Several times I have had to turn off and unplug my machine because of the thunderstorms, too scary for me to keep working my machine and possibly too risky.
Now I have an excellent quilt to share tonight, Esther's Medallion. Here's the photo I took when I took it out of the courier bag and lay it out.

Measuring 76" x 81" Esther wanted custom quilting and polyester batting. I emailed a few ideas through to Esther and we came up with a rough plan, she was happy for me to take over with what was going to look best for the quilt.

I quilted the swag border first then let the rest develop from there. Glide thread, Pro echo curve ruler, swag ruler, straight ruler were my guides the rest was free motion hand guided quilting.

When I created the diamonds on the inner border I was left with this strange shape that had me scratching my head for awhile wondering what to do with it?

But then I came up with just the right design.....................

Checkout the fabulous backing fabric...........................

I hope you enjoyed looking at Esther's lovely quilt. Here is a short 'swooping' video.

Thank you Esther and thanks to those you take the time to stop by.............
                                                Happy creative week!


  1. Wow, that is beautiful. I bet Esther was iver the moon when she saw her quilt, anither hapoy customer there Leeanne

  2. Wow!! You did a FANTASTIC job on this one!! Beautiful :-)

  3. And the medallion quilt came to life with swirls and scoops, and lines and more.Fantastic!!!

  4. A wonderful quilt, that green is striking! And your quilting is amazing, love the 'swag' border treatment!

  5. Wow this is stunning, I love all the different details you have added. Can't wait to see what you do to mine. Not long till your Aussie bound now - bet you are counting down the hours.

  6. Thats a lovely quilt in reality. Have seen it, and you Leeanne have made it even more beautiful!

  7. Such a gorgeous quilt Leeanne, love it all & especially love the backing fabric! I think its great how you are taking a photo when the quilt first arrives now as it really shows us readers how the quilting brings it alive!!

  8. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!

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