Saturday, September 30, 2017

Quilts and family time..................

A couple of posts back I shared that my grandson was born: Marley Ray. I was super keen to get over to Australia to meet the wee man. After a bit of giggling in the schedule I managed to get there.

I had a magic time bathing him and thanks to my daughters expressed milk I fed him too. At 2 weeks old he is super alert and strong! Before I headed over to the very hot temperatures (ranging from 30 - 37 degrees!) I also met my great nephew who was born the same week: Kobe Ray, both cousins share my Dad's name Ray.

Although it was really lovely to see my daughters and one of my sons, granddaughter and of course my grandson I was happy to come home to cooler temperatures! I thought you might like to see the two quilts I made for my grandson and the quilt panel I quilted for my great nephew.
First Marley's two quilts - yes two quilts! My daughter was keen to have woodland critters. So after some searching I found a lovely applique pattern from Shiny Happy World.

I had a lot of fun making this quilt. Machine appliqued and custom quilted in a map contour design and a flange binding and flannel backing.

Look at the cute backing fabric, I thought it was perfect for the theme of the quilt.

Now for Marley's second quilt...........................................

I picked this panel up from The Country Yard and custom quilted it and used the same flannel backing then attached simple binding.....done!

Last but not least the quilt for my great nephew, this is also a panel quilt. My family are prolific at adding to family numbers (Dad now has 15 GREAT grandchildren!) so I like to keep both a boy and girl quilt all ready to go in my gift box!

And more flannel for the backing.....................................

                                         And the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service :-)

Now that my feet are back on the ground it's back to work! I shall be back soon with another blog post of some quilts I finished before I went away.


  1. Wonderful that you got over for a visit Leeanne - what a special time that would have been. I'm sure your daughter appreciated your visit too! Super special quilts, made with love for special wee babes. (At least you wouldn't have got any rain over there...!)

  2. You'll certainly notice the difference in temperatures today!! How lovely you got to enjoy time with your grandson and family. Lovely quilts too. I am sure they will be well loved.

  3. Sounds like a very special time with your lovely new grandson. I like that both babies have your Dad's name! And very cute quilts too!

  4. Very special you got to go for a visit Leeanne to meet your new grandson and other family members. The quilts you made are beautiful and will be treasured I am sure. Very nice to see a family name continuing.

  5. Love the photos Leeanne and very special times, being able to visit the newest member of the family and having a wee visit with Dad.
    Also love all three quilts and of course the quilting!!! Welcome back to the winter-less North :-)

  6. Gorgeous photos Leeanne ... how did I miss this post ??!! So pleased you had a wonderful time with your new grandson ... he is gorgeous. As are the quilts you have made ...gosh, you make it sound like its easy to whip up a quilt !! No Its NOT! :-)

  7. How lovely that you managed to get over to see wee Marley Leeanne. That's wonderful. Such a special time in the family. Lovely photo of you and your Dad. The quilts are gorgeous but as you say home is best inn that heat.

  8. Just gorgeous quilts you made. Fantastic that you have met the babies at the early stage. They are so amazing and grow so fast.

  9. Just gorgeous - both the babies and the quilts!