Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vintage, wedding quilt and a jelly roll quilt

Three quilts to share today.......................................

Judith made this pretty quilt for her son as a wedding present. Judith's soon to be daughter-in-law loves the shabby chic vibe, so we decided my free motion filigree feathers would look just right.

                           The back................................


Karen made this striking Jelly Roll quilt. Karen choose wool/poly batting and "Modern Squares" edge to edge pattern.

                      Last but not least..............................

Cat has been busy making another hug quilt for someone needing one. Cat asked for "Turbulence" edge to edge pattern and Fantastico "Unicorn" thread.

                         The back.....................

                                               Thank you Judith, Karen and Cat.

On my own personal quilting front I have been working away on a couple of projects..............

This is a 'scrap vomit' quilt..........I know the name is not very tasteful but if you google the name you will see many fine examples of this quilt, which is just 2.5" squares. An "A" block and a "B" block, which has clever fabric placement. I used Tula Pink's Otter and a Kona solid then a black to really frame those cute otters.

Before I'd even finished piecing the top together I knew how I wanted to quilt this. I think the circles look like ripples in the water but the resident male thinks they look like targets!

The rambling free motion filigree feathers work in well and are so much fun to quilt! My backing was a pieced one, with the common theme of feathers. Either side of the colourful feathers is a strip of Angela Walters wide backer feathers.

I like how the flange binding frames the whole quilt and adds a little something extra for very little effort.

My next project will be a long way off being quilted! But just as enjoyable to make. My Mandolin quilt designed by Jodi of Tales of Cloth.

Apart from the connecting blocks of black and grey all the blocks be rather scrappy. I am having huge amounts of fun rummaging through my stash and vintage linen stash which are featuring as the centre hexagon.

Thanks for stopping by...........................xx


  1. You sure have been busy my friend. Love how you put so much thought into each quilting design - those squares are perfect for that modern style quilt with squares. Love your otter quilt & I'm with you ... they look like water swirls NOT targets!!!

  2. Your quilting is just superb, and really makes these quilts perfect!

  3. 3 lovely quilts for your customers Leeanne. Well done on gettingyour scrap quilt finsihed - you must be pleased to see it there on the bed. (I would rename it for sure if I was ever to make that pattern!!) It's nice how you have put the vintage linens in the centre of your EPP blocks.

  4. Scrap Vomit looks so good on the bed, beautiful quilting Leeanne.

  5. Awesome quilting once again for your lovely customers Leeanne.
    I just love your scrap vomit quilt and maybe agree just a tiny bit with the resident male that the swirls look like target practice!!! Love the backing fabric and your Mandolin blocks are looking great! Hugs xxx

  6. I agree, " Bullseye" fits it well, What a great pattern, and your quilting on all the others, this included is wonderful. Love the squares of different sizes, that is my pick for today.

  7. Each quilt has such a different personality, and they have each been quilted to match.
    That wedding quilt really hit the desired mark, I think.
    Love the Bullseye quilt (I prefer that name LOL).

  8. You have been busy!! Your freeformed filigree feathers definitely feel shabby chic I think turbulence is a harsh name for such a pretty panto (and a very 'even' one, at that - turbulence to me feels far less 'exact')
    Ha - your scrap vomit doesn't look vomitty at all, and those are most definitely ripples around the otters (I thought that before I'd even read what you wrote :-) Beautiful quilting!! And I agree, your flange finished it off perfectly.

  9. So many beautiful things to look at today on your post Leeanne. Love the otters, trust a man to decide the ripples look like targets!! Love the flange too, gives a beautiful finish. Your Mandolin quilt is looking amazing too, love that you are using the vintage linens in the centre. Always so good to see the back of the quilts, shows the quilting to perfection.

  10. Lots of loveliness to look at on this post Leeanne, some very talented quilt makers and of course your quilting is perfect.

  11. I love those little vintage linens in your 'mandolin' quilt blocks, very pretty! And your 'scrap vomit' quilt looks amaziing on the bed, ayour quilting is wonderful! ( I too, have always thought there could be a better name for this, but...)

  12. You are so lucky, to get to work on such beautiful quilts, it must be incredibly inspiring, as your quilts are equally beautiful.

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    Very good and unique....
    Love et bisous Ve

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