Thursday, March 29, 2018

Shannon's Quilts...............

Hello and welcome back. Today I can share Shannon's three quilts as she now has them back ready for binding.........................

Quilt information:

Pattern - by Amy Bradley - "Ballerina Kitties"
Measurements - 56" x 54"
Batting - Wool/Polyester - purchased from me.
Backing - Pink Daisies - purchased from me.
Threads - Glide
Quilting - custom quilting

before quilting

after quilting

                   The next two quilts for Shannon I loaded together on the same backing and batting.

Quilt information:

Pattern - unknown to me
Measurements - 59" x 68" & 34" x 36"
Batting - Cotton - purchased from me.
Backing - white daisies - purchased from me.
Thread - Glide
Quilting - Edge to Edge - "Loops & Stars".

Well it's nearly time for the Easter bunny to hop out & deliver some pretty foil covered chocolate eggs. With the long weekend I plan on sewing, sewing, coffee, sleep & repeat what about you?
I have a pattern to test for one of my fellow American long arm quilters who also designs fabric & patterns, so stay tuned for more on that.
Then I have my Mandolin blocks to work on......loving stitching these!


  1. Lovely quilts Leeanne. Sounds like you are plann8ng on a busy but fun weekend. I will be stitching, making hot cross buns, stitching, making a special chocolate cake for Easter Celebration and more stitching or card making. Happy Easter

  2. Still busy I see Leeanne. Lovely quilts again :-) Yes I am hoping for some choccy eggs & some creative time this Easter too!! Your mandolin blocks are looking amazing! Happy creative Easter my friend Xxxx

  3. The applique quilt is fabulous! And your mandolin blocks are beautiful. Very fun lunchtime visit. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love the quilting on the applique quilt. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend, I'm giving the house a much needed clean today, working Saturday, then hopefully doing some sewing of some description on Sunday. Should probably get off the computer now too.

  5. Love the Kitties and the frogs, always been a sucker for frogs!! And once again your quilting is beautiful Leeanne. Your Mandolin blocks are stunning. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend Leeanne, and get to enjoy the chocolate, coffee, sleep and lots and lots of sewing.

  6. Lovely to see Shannon's quilts - the custom on the first one is delightful! Hope your weekend goes as planned - sounds like a great way to spend the weekend!

  7. I've just noticed your feather variation on the cat quilt - sort of feather florets as they go along the spine. Very cool! And I need to do some figuring to work out how to do it!

  8. oh my goodness, the dancing cats are sooo cute, and your quilting is puuurrfect