Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Karen and Elizabeth's Quilts....................

Here's hoping you all had a fabulous Easter and celebrated just the way that suits you best. Today I have three lovely quilts to share with you today. First is Karen's Asian inspired quilt, or bed runner as she likes to call it.

Quilt information:

Pattern - unknown to me
Measurements - 55" x 84"
Batting - Wool/ Polyester - purchased from me.
Backing - Red - purchased from me.
Thread - Permacore
Quilting - Edge to Edge - "Camellia's"

The next two quilts were both made by Elizabeth. Sadly the bunny didn't hop back fast enough to greet her for this Easter.............but he's there now!

Quilt information:

Pattern - by Tracey Roberts Designs - "Wascally Wabbit"
Measurements - 21" x 24"
Batting - Polyester - purchased from me.
Backing - Ecru Swirls - purchased from me.
Threads - Bobbin fill.
Quilting - custom.

Quilt information:

Pattern - by The Country Yard - "Bee Mystery"
Measurements - 54" x 72"
Batting - Polyester - purchased from me.
Backing - Ecru Swirl - purchased from me.
Threads - Bobbin fill & Glide
Quilting - custom
Binding - pre made by Elizabeth - attached to front of quilt by me.

Sneaky bunny 'hopped' onto the bottom of the Bee quilt! Clever bunny :-)

                    Thank you Karen and Elizabeth for letting me quilt your gorgeous quilts!


  1. Thank you so much for the fabulous quilting you have once again done for me. I can now give Wascally awabnit some eyes, add yo yos’ on the flowers and for a tail. In Tracey’s pattern you actually get two versions.

  2. Three gorgeous quilts Leeanne but I especially LoVe Elizabeths Wascally Wabbit one. Just delightful for Easter. Your up close photos of her stitcheries in the third quilt are just beautiful too ... such clever talented ladies.

  3. Every photo tells a great story, but Wascally Wabbit would be my pick, his smile is the icing on everybody's cake, young or old.Fab quilting!!!!

  4. How cute is Wascally Wabbit!! Beautiful quilting Leeanne, love the bee stitcheries too.

  5. The bunny quilt is so cute--great enhancement with the quilting!
    I really like the bee mystery--sweet stitched blocks, and clever quilt designs.

  6. Just love the backs of the Wascally Wabbit quilt and the bee mystery quilt...(the fronts too!!). Also love the wee quilting videos that pop up every now and again!!
    Happy quilting. xxxx

  7. Beautiful work Leeanne as usual! :-)