Monday, July 25, 2011

Mid winter Christmas

Well I thought this would be a good quilt to post about today as here in some parts of New Zealand it is snowing, so here are the snow men.
This quilt is made with a jelly roll.

A close up of what I did on the stars, I used a new thread that you will see me using more of as it is very nice to use, it has a nice pearl effect and is a nice thickness, 30 weight it is called Sulky this thread has been around for a while but now new and improved .For the background filler of stars and loops I used a signature variegated thread.


  1. Hi.
    Great snow flacke quilt:-)
    Love you blog and will be back soon.
    Hugs from Laila :-)

  2. Hey, like how you quilted the stars - it makes them shine! Keep warm!!!

  3. Wow Leeanne, this is gorgeous...I love stars
    Hugs Dawn x x