Thursday, November 15, 2012

Underground Railroad Sampler

Eleanor Burns & Sue Bouchard wrote " Underground Railroad Sampler" book to which Barbara decided to make the quilt. Barbara chose a range of fabrics by Stoff.

I did a photo of each block.................................(as named in the book)
underground railroad

monkey wrench
wagon wheel
carpenter's wheel
bears paw
log cabin
shoo fly
bow tie
flying geese
birds in the air
drunkard's path
sail boat
north star
underground railroad
Notice underground railroad is featured twice? Barbara needed an extra, block she made another block, in slightly different colourways & I quilted the two blocks each with a different design.
My main threads used throughout were, Madeira & Gunold.
For the sashing & first border I did free hand feathers.

For the outer border I quilted an triangular design, a feather wreath in the four outer corners & filled the background to give a look of prairie points, I also used a touch of black thread, which my assistant ( AKA ~ hubby ) thought I needed to do!
Please click on the following photo to see what I mean.
Batting is a Bamboo/cotton mix.

Then finally I draped the quilt in our apple tree.....just because!


  1. Keep that Assistant on, the black thread really works well.

  2. I remember almost buying that book on more than one occasion.
    This is a wonderful quilt--such beautiful quilting. Each block is done perfectly. Oh, I really must practice my feathers. Yours are beautiful and you use them well!

  3. Wonderful quilting of a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a stunning quilt, beautifully made and your quilting is SUPERB! As always.
    Have a nice (night) day, Cisca

  5. I love how you have quilted each block, it is beautiful.

  6. The quilting is so pretty in each block - you did a beautiful job on this quilt.

  7. oh wow...i think this is your best work ever...okay all your work is the best ever...but i really really love every stitch on this quilt! Love the border are crazy good my friend!!!

  8. And this reminds me I need to get back into my railway quilt . . . . now Christmas swap parcels are all up to date - my blog can resume as per normal

  9. Gorgeous quilt and beautiful quilting as usual

  10. It's gorgeous and I love how you have quilted it...

  11. Lovely quilt, and your quilting is gorgeous. I have seen the book so it's nice to see a quilt made from it.

  12. Wow, Leeanne the quilting is amazing! Love that you got so many feathers in, esp how you did the drunkards path block. The boat block is so cute too. The whole thing is stunning - congrats to you both :)

  13. And can I assure everyone who has commented above that it looks just as lovely 'in the flesh'!! Great job Leeanne and Barbara!!

  14. wow this quilt is awesome,well done.xx

  15. I need to find these books!! Wonderful quilting I might add!!