Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cafes, walks, movies & work

A nice relaxing start to the New Year, beautiful bush walks around Whangarei, followed by either a coffee & snack, or lunch at a local café. Twice we have gone to Narnia Cafe , lovely coffee & food.
The white chocolate brownie is heavenly!!! Walk inside through the wardrobe complete with fur coats.
There really are some lovely walks in Whangarei, some right in town. To have these beautiful bush/ stream walks right in the town,  & to think it has taken seven years to 'get around' to walking them is a shame. Still as they say better late then never!!

Last week we went to the movies to see Quartet.....I liked it. Here is the trailer..........

I have been working away quietly on a new BOM & sorting the studio for the coming work.

BOM sorting

customers quilts.
I didn't quite start the New Year with the clean slate, I tried, but the quilt tops just kept coming! And there are more, so best I get a move on!!


  1. Narnia Cafe sounds like a fun place!

  2. I went to Quartet yesterday and enjoyed it too. Have you done the walk that starts in the park in Raumanga Valley rd, just past the poly tech? It goes along the river and to a waterfall and swimming pond. I also really like AH Read memorial park off Whareora rd.
    That poor ironing board is holding up a heavy load!

  3. The cafe sounds great, and I agree that Whangarei has some really pretty walks, (although I have only done a couple!) Your BOM looks well organised! Love your new header photo.

  4. I think I recognise one of those quilts in the pile! it is great to read you have had some nice relaxing time. The walks sound great I will have to get some tips so we can do some of them

  5. Sounds like you are enjoying your time out!! Mr Quiltmekiwi has been keeping you busy with outings hasn't he?!

  6. No need to guess what you will be doing today. Good to be busy though isn't it. I have two quilts ready to go off to my local quilter here in Auckland, now I can't make up my mind which project to work on next!!!!. There is one I should finish,I don't enjoy making yoyo's!!. That movie looks great and it is on my list to go to. It is only 9.30 and it is VERY HOT.

  7. The cafe sounds fab and I love white chocolate brownie!!! What BOM are you doing? Customer quilts already! Have a great day, Michelle.

  8. I recognise two of those quilt tops