Sunday, January 13, 2013

back to work.....................

First customer quilt of the year.

Lois made this for her young friend who has just had a baby boy. I did very simple quilting, meander & a few straight lines using cream bobbin fill top & bottom.

Next quilt is also a baby quilt, made by a new customer Sue.

Again, fairly simple quilting, meander, some swirls, writing,  these quilts will no doubt spend some of their life in the washing machine, no sense doing fancy custom quilting.
Sue supplied a soft blue minky for the backing.

Next on the list is one from a regular customer, Ngaire............

A simple nine patch with appliqued butterflies. I used Madeira poly neon threads, a really nice variegated on for the cross hatch & loopy meander.

Before I head off to continue with the next quilt, I thought I would share with you the last Advent swap present I gave Dawn.

I made a Trapunto table runner, Dawn said she loved it, I am happy that she did. I must make myself one, I tend to give them away!


  1. Boy you sure have been busy already Leeanne. What a great start for 2013. Love the table runner

  2. Wow you are amazing! All I've managed so far this year is to dream about quilts I want to make.
    As a matter of interest do you know how many quilt you quilted last year?

  3. The grass doesn't get time to grow under your feet!
    Beautiful quilting on all of them.
    Love the trapunto runner too - I follow a couple of overseas quilters who do this lovely work.
    Just a dream from where I'm at... one day but just baby steps at the mo!
    All very inspiring.

  4. You've been busy, busy already!! LOVE that trapunto tablerunner :)

  5. Wow....starting out the new year with a BANG of quilting!!!

    Love that trapunto!!

  6. Look at you go!
    That trapunto piece is beautiful!

  7. The table runner is gorgeous. Lovely quilts from your customers. I think a simple meander is so effective on lots of quilts.

  8. Lovely quilts and your table runner is gorgeous. You are amazing!

  9. Good to see you knuckling down and back to work!!! lovely quilts and absolutely beautiful runner. It's very effective with the thread colour.