Tuesday, January 15, 2013

more customers treasures..................

Jill has been busy the last few months making table runners as gifts. This one is off overseas to family, this will give them a wee taste of NZ with the pohutukawa. Some of my customers get me to make & attach the binding as Jill did. I pinned a small section of the binding back so you could get an idea of the finished look.

As you can see from the photo ( don't be shy if you want to click on any of Quiltme's photo's for more close ups ) I did simple straight stitch using Signature variegated thread & a swirl on the squares.

Rachel has been working away on a BOM from The Country Yard , called Saltbox Farm, designed by
Natalie Bird from The Birdhouse . You may remember I quilted the shop sample.

A feather for the border, Rachel did her border slightly different from the original.

A few half square triangles were added to two corners on the border. Rachel likes stipple & cross hatching. If you don't ask, you might not get!

I used mainly Madeira polyneon threads.

You wouldn't be at Quiltmekiwi blog if all the photo's faced the right way!!! The mini hexie quilt is English Paper Pieced....cute aye!!!

a nice one under the old apple tree.

Well Rachel, I hope you like it & you are happy with seeing your quilt on my blog before you pick it up? After all  that's what you asked me to do.


  1. Feathers look fab but am loving the cross hatching! Great quilt!
    Happy stitching, Michelle.

  2. I am especially loving the feathers! : )

  3. The photos may have taken a while to download but the result is stunning Leeanne. More great quilting, love the feathers. You will have two very happy customers and it is great to see both pieces finished having seen them as they were being made.

  4. Well done Rachel!!! Great to see her version and how you have quilted it for her. (And good choice for the borders, Rachel). Well done Jill on the finish - it's turned out well - your family member will love it!

  5. Beautiful quilting! Aren't feathers the greatest? You did a fabulous job. I'm sure your customers are sooo happy!