Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More quilts............................

Are you sick of me yet?? This is the last of the shop's New Years Launch quilts to show you.

Another BOM for you, this one is by The Birdhouse simply called "Love". The fabric range is "Fellowship" by Brannock & Patek. A yummy mix of piecing & sweet stitcheries.

Taken here under my old sweet apple tree, when the grass was green!

Just a few close ups of the stitcheries, aren't they lovely?
For the quilting I kept things pretty simple, ditch stitching, a must! Some mini stipple, straight line stitching, some of the loopy swirls I seem to love doing on sashings........did you notice that?
For the sashing around the centre block I wanted a bit of a feature, so I did a nice feather. All my quilting is done free hand, no marking, just the way I like it best.
Also included, ( which you see me do a bit of ) is orange peel, this time I echoed the first line of stitching.
For the border, a larger version of the feather I did in the centre.

True to form, Madeira & Gunold threads are the stars in the quilting arena! I love em!!!
Are you a fan of French General fabrics by Moda? Then I'm sure you'll love this next quilt.
"Chateau Rouge" is the range of fabric, the design is from the 'Simple Home' book, by Sweetwaters........a fabulous book by the way, one of those books that has many "must make projects!" 
Simple all over meander, using Gunold variegated thread for the centre section of the quilt.
Finished off with a simple hook feather ( I saw recently a similar feather called a banana feather ).


  1. Banana Feather hahaha, I've seen it called Cat's Claw Feather too, I think it has many names ;-D

  2. Love the new BOM, Birdhouse have great patterns! And who doesn't love French General!

  3. I Love them both equally Leeanne, - love the stitcheries on the first one but adore French General fabrics too!!!
    And to answer your question ... No we never ever get sick of you showing us quilts!!!! Always inspiring & mouth watering. Julie Xox

  4. Beautiful quilt and lovely quilting!

  5. LOVE but absolutely especially LOVE the 2nd one - gorgeous

  6. You do amazingly well to get through all those quilts we keep throwing at you!! They always turn out so beautiful :-)

  7. Two beautiful quilts, I have the second book and you're right it has lots of lovely projects. Your quilting is beautiful as always :)