Sunday, March 24, 2013

Productive weekend

What a fabulous creative weekend I have had!!!! Time to make stuff, I love that when it happens, just pottering & making things.

First a book for my Granddaughters' first birthday, these fabric books are so quick & easy to make.

I bought the panel to make this book from my favourite quilt shop.

Also from The Country Yard the first month of a BOM of sorts, a " Sewing Essential Project".
A block holder.............................

front of my block holder

back of my block holder

I personalized the back with the twill tape measure. I used Matildia's Own bag batting which is firmer than Iron on Pellon.  Each month I will get a kit to make a 'sewing essential'.
I found this a breeze to make, nice clear instructions that I decided to make another!

some Ricrac & ribbon on the back of this block holder

I didn't have enough bag batting for the second block holder,  but I was in the 'groove' so I wanted to make another anyway! The last photo shows you the inside, I made booboo with the pieced block for the front, so I turned it into a pocket.

Last Saturday I had a couple of hours spare ( I suppose I could have done some baking, cleaning or gardening???? ......yeah right!!! )I was keen to have a go at making a cat from a book I got at the Library called : 'Quilt & Sew' by Anne-Pia Godske Rasussen.

I am linking to Narelle for 1 Xmas item. All item's except the first block holder are going into my box for Xmas presents. Did I tell you how much I love this inspirational, motivational idea??


  1. You're so organised! I'm already late on a couple of birthday pressies this year, let alone getting organised in advance for Christmas.

  2. You have been busy! Esp love the kitty :)

  3. Oh my goodness Leeanne ... you have achieved more in your weekend than I think I have in a whole week. I adore your fabric book for your grandaughter ... forgive my ignorance please but what is a block holder??? Is it to hold quilt blocks??? Not being a quilter I am so ... hmmm ... ignorant??!!(sorry)
    I love the colour combinations of them both - also love the kitty & love the the heart on it :-)
    Happy week my friend, Julie Xox

  4. Wow! You're rockin' it. :D That cat is too terribly cute.

  5. Woohoo talk about sew-girl-sew!! Love your block holders - hehe- and the addition of the tape on the back of the first :-) The cat is way cute, I think there may be a line of us wanting to borrow that book after you! And lucky wee grand daughter with the frog book!

  6. You sure had a very productive weekend Leeanne. I love all the projects and am glad to see the book went together the right way up!

  7. Well done!! You have made some gorgeous Christmas presents, I especially love the cat softie, how cute is it!!

  8. The block holders are great... and it's wonderful to have some goodies in the pressie pile... cute cat.. I love it's expression!

  9. I hope you've got a large gift box :)
    These are going to make lovely gifts at Christmas...well done!

  10. You did have a wonderful weekend! Lovely projects, and who wouldn't want to make that sweet cat instead of housework?! lol